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Piano and Laylee Go Online (Hardback)
Product Code: SAFKH1
ISBN: 9781564842923
Published: 2011
Media Type: Hardback
Audience: StudentsAges57(readTo), curriculum specialists, educators (k-3), parents
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ISTE is excited to announce our first books for early readers! The titles in the Piano and Laylee Learning Adventures Series are invaluable resources for educators and parents wanting to introduce digital citizenship concepts to children aged 5–9. Designed to be read to and shared with early readers, the books follow the adventures of two adorable puppies who learn how to be safe and responsible using technology. These petite books (4x6 inches) are perfect for classroom lessons on digital citizenship or for starting conversations at home. Charming, full-color illustrations help children grasp even the more difficult concepts.
Two puppies, Piano and Laylee, meet and become fast friends. While playing an online computer game at Laylee’s house, Piano and Laylee learn, with the help of their moms, that staying safe online is just like staying safe in their community.

Features: Teachable moments that help young learners understand safety and ethical issues around technology use at home and at school, digital citizenship topics that provide clarity and allow for expanded discussion; charming, full-color illustrations