Paige Johnson
Paige Johnson is developing and implementing holistic models to meet the needs of state and local governments as well as school systems in the United States. In the area of government, she supports transportation, health and human services, public safety, and data center consolidation. In the education space, she is expert at guiding school systems along the technology adoption curve. These models recognize that such efforts demand more than simply providing students and educators with laptops. The work addresses the need for quantitative and qualitative results, visionary leadership, creative funding, rich digital content and ongoing professional development, all supported by a solid infrastructure. Additionally, she brings awareness to the need for advocacy around policies necessary for such systemic reform efforts to gain real traction (i.e., scale and sustainability).


Paige Johnson
Education Strategist
Amazon Web Services
Resides in: Portland, OR, US

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I am available to speak on the following topics:
Edu ecosystems
Personalizing learning with big data
Project Red learning
Implementing 1:1

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