ISTE supports a dedicated program for digital learning

The need to update the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, currently being referred to as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), has emerged as a pressing priority for both the Obama administration and education leaders in Congress. ESEA, which was signed into law in 2002 and has been due for reauthorization since 2007, is the major federal K-12 education law. It is imperative that digital learning be considered a priority within the updated law. 

 The next iteration of ESEA must transform the nation’s elementary and secondary schools into modern digital learning environments. Maintaining a dedicated funding stream for digital learning is critical to achieving this goal. Revamping the Enhancing Education Through Technology program (EETT) and strengthening and adding technology components to other provisions of ESEA reauthorization will ensure that students succeed academically and are prepared for college and careers. An updated EETT would build on that program’s successes, focus resources on professional learning and infrastructure, and provide support for educational innovation using technology.

Reauthorization: ESEA Enactment (ESSA)

Follow ISTE’s ESEA reauthorization timeline for updates about the impact on digital learning.

December 10, 2015: VICTORY for ed tech! President signs ESSA into law, crosses finish line!

December 2, 2015: House passes ESSA with ISTE supported ed tech provisions.

September 22, 2015: ISTE sends group letter in support of the Digital Learning Equity Act of 2015.

September 22, 2015: ISTE issues press statement applauding U.S. House Representatives Welch and McKinley for introducing the Digital Learning Equity Act of 2015.

July 16, 2015: Senate Passes Every Child Achieves Act — Rewrites No Child Left Behind

July 13, 2015: House Passes H.R. 5 ––Rewrites No Child Left Behind and Updates ESEA

April 13, 2015: Community letter signed by 13 national organizations in support of the Innovative Technology Expands Children’s Horizons (I-TECH) program.

February 23, 2015: Education and technology organizations send a letter in support for Roybal-Allard/Polis Educational Technology amendment.

February 10, 2015: ISTE sends a letter to Sens. Patty Murray and Tammy Baldwin in support of the Enhancing Education Through Technology Act of 2015.

February 2, 2015: 18 national education and tech organizations send a joint letter to Chairman Lamar Alexander and Ranking Member Patty Murray to include a dedicated digital learning program in ESEA.

February 2, 2015: ISTE sends a letter to Chairman Lamar Alexander and Ranking Member Patty Murray asking for a dedicated digital learning program within ESEA.

January 14, 2015: Senate Education Chair Lamar Alexander releases draft ESEA reauthorization legislation.

January 12, 2015: Secretary Duncan, unveils the Obama administration’s ESEA priorities.