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We need your help!

The best way to ensure Congress recognizes the importance of edtech is to continue advocating for it through simple yet highly effective actions like calling, tweeting or sending pre-written letters about the need to invest at the federal level.

Although it may be a slow process, it’s critical to the future of edtech funding. Our collective efforts really can impact policy and funding.

ISTE strongly encourages our community to take action and impact the future of edtech!

Ask Congress for ed tech funding

ISTE has united with more than 75 national organizations to form the Title IV, Part A Coalition to urge Congress to provide maximum funding for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant program that funds ed tech programs.

The Title IV, Part A block grant is a new program created by the newly enacted and bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The program, also known as the Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grant program, will be used by states and school districts to:

  1. Provide students with a well-rounded education (STEM, computer science, music, arts, physical education, college career counseling).
  2. Support a safe and healthy school environment (comprehensive school mental health, drug and violence prevention, training on trauma-informed practices, health and physical education).
  3. Support the effective use of technology (professional development, blended learning, devices).
Despite being authorized at $1.65 billion within ESSA, the block grant is facing significant funding barriers from Congress. The Senate’s proposal only allocates $300 million for the block grant, while the House’s allocation would provide $1 billion, both falling far short of the authorized level. If underfunded, school districts would be prevented from investing in meaningful areas of education and will be faced with the unnecessarily difficult choice of funding some programs over others.


Learn more about ESSA and Title IV, Part A with these resources.

Breaking Down ESSA (PDF)

Title IV Fact Sheet (PDF)

Title IV Infographic (PDF)

Why do you stand for edtech?

What can you do?

1. Send a letter

Send a prewritten letter to Congress urging them to fully fund the block grant.

Act now

2. Tweet #MoreTitleIV

Tweet using the hashtag #MoreTitleIV and talk about the importance of fully funding Title IV, Part A.

Here are some sample tweets:

  • Give schools the funding to provide Ss with a well-rounded education @[Senator] #MoreTitleIV #ESSA
  • Every school benefits from a fully funded Title IV, A grant @[Senator] #ESSA #MoreTitleIV
  • Don't force districts to choose one program over another @[Senator] #ESSA #MoreTitleIV
  • Mental health services, STEM, arts, music + tech programs at risk w/o fully funded Title IV, A grant @[Senator] #MoreTitleIV #ESSA

3. Call your elected officials

Unsure what to say? Here is a script you can use when speaking to a staff member.

Unsure who your Representative is? Use the Find Your Representative tool!

“We hope that all educators, administrators and K-12 officials will call, write, or send a tweet to their member of Congress with this simple but powerful message: fully fund Title IV, Part A so that our districts can make meaningful investments in programs that advance education.”

— Jon Bernstein, Co-Chair of the Title IV, Part A Coalition and Legislative Counsel for ISTE.

How will policymakers know that digital learning is important to their constituents if we don’t tell them? Our collective voices can impact policy. Please take a few minutes and take action to make your voice carry!