5 pro tips to make digital learning accessible to all students [VIDEO]

Try these five simple strategies to make learning more accessible for all students.

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Personalized learning 8/15/2018

Empower learners through project-based learning

Authentic project-based learning involves connecting students with global learning opportunities so they can learn how to collaborate to solve problems, express themselves appropriately and develop their advocacy skills.

TAGS: Global collaboration ISTE Standards for Students Project-based learning Student empowerment

ISTE Standards in Action 8/14/2018

Avoid these 4 edtech mistakes in your classroom! 

Avoid these four common mistakes that impede technology integration and hamper student achievement and growth.

TAGS: ISTE Standards for Students Student empowerment

In the classroom 8/13/2018

4 interactive tools to help learners build reading skills

Teachers need to be aware of students’ strengths and weaknesses and create interactive lessons that meet the needs of all the learners in their classroom through differentiation and scaffolding.



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Selecting the right display size for classrooms

Imaging technology has dramatically affected the experience of K-12 teaching and overall classroom dynamics.