Lead the way 8/31/2016

Will educators get virtual reality right?

Virtual reality provides an opportunity for learning that is exponentially greater than any previous digital technology and it's imperative that educators jump on the bandwagon now.


Lead the way 8/30/2016

5 steps administrators can take to improve tech decision-making

When administrators don't have a clear vision and don't understand the technology terminology, they make poor decisions or let others make decisions for them. That's when the technology goes nowhere. Administrators can follow these five steps to ensure the are making sound tech decisions.


Solutions 8/29/2016

Fall 2016 ISTE Professional Learning Series: Learn from ed tech experts

Expand your digital toolkit and explore new ideas for learning and teaching by joining us for the ISTE Professional Learning Series. Presented by members for members.


Community Voices & Insights

Oftentimes, parents and community members don’t necessarily understand the value or the purpose of how teachers are integrating tech into their classrooms. It’s important to advocate for educational technology in terms of educating parents and the community.
Sara Hunter, District Technology and Math Specialist, Zionsville, IN
ISTE becomes your guide in integrating technology because you find there all the resources and connections with leading brands, leading presenters, leading institutions and affiliates. All of these connections enrich you as a teacher, especially if you are from outside the US. As an outside teacher or a foreign teacher, you find ISTE is your connection with the tech world.
Dr. Mahmud Shihab, Head of Educational Technology, Beirut, Lebanon
Pernille Ripp Passion-based learning
ISTE Essential Conditions 14 critical elements

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