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Things are changing. Traditional learning models are evolving, outdated paradigms are being dismantled, and kids are learning and creating in new and exciting ways. Education is improving by leaps and bounds, and we owe it all to you.

To applaud all of the transformative work you’re doing, we’re celebrating throughout February with 29 days of thanks. Each week, we’ll give away prizes — stay tuned and win!

In addition, we're offering some goodies all month long:

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29 resources to say thanks

Infographic: Be a Connected Educator
Learn how to connect with colleagues outside your school community to form an invaluable professional learning network in the infographic and accompanying article.

White Paper: A New Paradigm for Decision Making: A district leader’s guide to standards-based technology adoption and integration
Learn about the latest findings for making informed technology adoption and integration decisions.

Ebook: Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Author Boni Hamilton helps you discover technology tools and projects that resonate with your teaching style, classroom context and technology skill level — all while helping students achieve academic growth.

ISTE Communities and Professional Learning Networks
Our communities offer ISTE members year-round opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded colleagues. Join one or more of our 25+ topic- and role-based networks!

entrsekt: Encouraging enterprise: Students garner real-world skills from entrepreneurial undertakings
What happens when you let students take an idea and make it a project with real-world applications? You foster creativity and teach students to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Video: ISTE 2015 Ignite Sessions -- Round 1
Fourteen presenters have just five minutes and 20 slides each to share their passions in a continuous rapid-fire presentation!

Podcast: YEN Podcast - Episode 10: Jennie Magiera
Listen to this conversation with Jennie Magiera and ISTE Emerging Leaders. Jennie works to redefine education through technology and hopes to transform professional learning.

Webinar: Twitter in the K-12 Classroom

Discover why Twitter is an excellent tool for critical conversations about texts in and outside the classroom.

entrsekt: Use games to empower students, create resourceful learners
Find out how games teach students to solve difficult problems, become better thinkers, learn to handle failure and collaborate with others.

Webinar: Add to Your Ed Tech Coaching Toolkit: Tools to Communicate with Teachers
Differentiate communication and reach every student where they’re at using these free resources for ed tech coaches.

White paper: Technology, Coaching and Community: Power Partners for Improved Professional Development in Primary and Secondary Education
Learn about three coaching models for highly effective professional learning and get 10 tips for effectively leveraging technology, coaching and community.

Infographic: Create a school makerspace in 3 easy steps
Find out how you can create a makerspace with limited space and budget.

Webinar: Digital Storytelling Mashup with GAFE
Creating digital stories can be a paperless process with Google Apps for Education (GAFE).

entrsekt: Be the change: The role of educators in leading transformation
Read why giving students a voice and helping them become lifelong learners are the keys to transformational change.

Webinar: Student Voice in Digital Citizenship: A Project-Based Learning Approach
Learn how to get students involved in digital citizenship project-based learning (PBL) at your school.

ISTE Professional Learning Series (Feb 2016)
Explore the topics that interest you most — from UDL to the Internet of Things — with free webinars from leaders and innovators in digital age education.

ISTE 1-in-3 Sessions — Round 1, Multiple Presenters 2015
Don't miss this new presentation format featuring 18-20 presenters, each with just three minutes to share their best technology integration moment.

Webinar: Creating Among Books: Library Makerspaces
From book art to game creation to 3D printing, learn how to incorporate making into the library space from two technology integration specialists.

Infographic: Citizenship in the digital age
Check out this infographic to see how the characteristics of a good citizen parallel — and differ from — those of a good digital citizen.

Computational Thinking Toolkit
From presentations and handouts to surveys and animations, you'll find everything you need to learn about and advocate for computational thinking.

Webinar: Parents Are 21st Century Learners Too
Educating parents about their children's fast-paced digital world is a critically important component of changing a school's learning culture. Join us to discover strategies that can help parents understand 21st century learning.

Infographic: Stop cheating in your classroom
Check out this infographic for six ways to ensure your students’ work is their own.

Webinar: So You've Gone 1:1: What Now?
Learn about the physical, virtual and cultural aspects of going 1:1.

Video: EdTekTalks from ISTE 2015
Watch five mini-keynotes from thought leaders beyond the world of ed tech, from futurists to designers to social entrepreneurs.

Webinar: Save Time, Get Organized and Build a Collaborative Classroom with Microsoft OneNote
Experience the power of Microsoft OneNote, a free tool that takes digital notebooks to the extreme while making all your files accessible from any device.

Infographic: The student's guide to safe online shopping
Do your students know how to safely shop online? This infographic offers tips and advice for avoiding fraud.

Video: 2015 Closing Keynote with Josh Stumpenhorst
Josh Stumpenhorst, an award-winning teacher, coach, blogger and author, challenges educators to think outside the box and revolutionize learning.

Webinar: STEM on a Shoestring
Learn how students can apply the Boston Museum of Science Engineering Design Process using spaghetti, index cards, Lifesavers, pipe cleaners, shoeboxes, and various other household items to tackle collaborative and independent design challenges.

Video: Flip This, Flip That: Flipped Learning across the Grades and Subject Areas
Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams, ISTE authors and flipped learning pioneers, discuss what flipped learning looks like across subject areas and grade levels.