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As the premier nonprofit organization focused on the effective use of technology in learning, ISTE is your partner in all things edtech. From representing the voices of educators in key edtech policy and legislative funding issues to connecting educators around the globe, ISTE is always on, always working to support you. Take advantage of ISTE institutional membership for your local education agency (district, county office of education, etc.).



Committed partners

Institutional members are recognized as committed partners to ISTE’s vision of connected learning in a connected world.


Professional growth

Institutional membership includes one individual membership for your superintendent or other district leader.


Progress toward success

This membership level also allows you to evaluate your school’s progress toward technology integration with ISTE’s Lead & Transform Diagnostic Tool and custom report.


"ISTE is a community, first and foremost. It's a community of educators who are interested in integrating technology into the classroom. It's a place to go for resources, or if you are just really excited about something and you want to share it. When I need ideas or help, ISTE is always my first stop."
—Jessica Shupik, teacher, New Jersey Department of Education, Trenton, New Jersey

Member benefits and pricing

Benefits include:

checkmark   ISTE Lead & Transform custom report.
checkmark   Basic individual membership for your superintendent or other district leader.
checkmark   Two ISTE Job Board postings.
checkmark   Recognition as an ISTE institutional member with linked logos for your websites.

ISTE institutional membership - $600

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