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You know your students need digital age skills to compete in a global economy, and you’re committed to using mobile technology to deliver anytime, anywhere learning. But how do you get there?


This free 10-week course will help your team achieve new heights with curriculum integrating mobile devices. Best of all, you will earn continuing education units (CEUs) from Johns Hopkins University.

Learn how to:

What you get:


What’s involved

Successful completion entails:
  1. An average individual workload of about 2.5 hours per week over 10 weeks.
  2. Successful completion of at least eight group assignments, including a capstone project.
  3. Active participation in the VMLA Google+ community during the course. Post-course participation highly recommended. 

How to join

Sessions start

Cycle 8: Feb. 6 – April 14, 2017
Application deadline: Feb. 2, 2017

Cycle 9: April 3 through June 9, 2017
Application deadline: Mar 17, 2017

Cycle 10: Sept 25 through Dec 8, 2017
Application deadline: Sept 11, 2017 
(11 weeks, Thanksgiving week off)


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"I can't recommend this program enough as we had a great experience. Do it. Sign up! It'll put your district on the right track, no matter where you are in the transformation process. We were a year into a 1 to 1 rollout, and felt like we were missing structure. This program provided that structure, and we are happy to say that our program is now Future Ready!"

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Application process

Step 1: Gather all the information you need to apply.

Recruit your school team.

Include one school administrator, one tech coach or equivalent, and three to eight teachers.

Document your mobile learning initiative.

Include the title, mobile program type and description, start date, and mobile devices used.

Describe your student population.

Include the total number of students in your district and school, the total number of students taught by school team applicants, and the percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

Step 2: Select VMLA offering cycles in order of preference.

Cycle 8: Feb. 6 – April 14, 2017
Application deadline: Feb. 2, 2017

Cycle 9: April 3 through June 9, 2017
Application deadline: Mar 17, 2017

Cycle 10: Sept 25 through Dec 8, 2017
Application deadline: Sept 11, 2017 
(11 weeks, Thanksgiving week off)

Your school administrator supports your application by becoming an active member of the school team enrolled in the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy. Your school team will share learning and integration outcomes in academy forums and in the online professional learning network.

All members of the school team will participate and complete all surveys administered by the ISTE program evaluation team.

JHU’s CEU certificate will require completion of all VMLA online modules.

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Course syllabus

Course description

There’s a lot of talk about mobile learning these days, and for good reason. Mobile learning has the potential to completely revolutionize how we learn and teach. But to truly be effective, mobile initiatives must have strong leadership from school administrators, tech coaches and teacher leaders. That means they need to be prepared.

If you want your mobile learning initiative to be successful, you must first have a solid understanding of what mobile learning is and what needs to be in place for it to be effective. That’s what the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy is all about.

This course begins with an overview of mobile learning and its real-life classroom implications, supported by hands-on activities designed to help you gauge your school or district’s readiness to undertake a mobile learning initiative. After conducting a guided evaluation of your implementation site based on ISTE’s Essential Conditions, you will receive a presentation highlighting its specific areas of strength and weakness. The course will then offer a springboard of information, ideas and in-depth activities to help you answer the crucial questions that will arise as you go through the implementation process.

The ISTE Standards are woven throughout the activities in this course, with a strong emphasis on teachers (ISTE Standards•T), administrators (ISTE Standards•A) and technology coaches (ISTE Standards•C). The course is designed to be completed as a team, with a group from your school or district that includes teachers, a technology coach and an administrator. You will get the chance to work on each activity on your own before completing it as a team during weekly team meetings. Each team will also meet with an instructional consultant twice a month, and you will have the opportunity to work with other schools’ teams during three academy-wide synchronous online meetings.

Modules schedule

As shown in the schedule below, the VMLA synchronous meetings will be held three times during the course.

You will also meet with the IC assigned to your team every other week of the course, during the weeks indicated on the schedule. Each team member is expected to attend all of the whole-group and IC meetings. You can schedule additional meetings with your IC if needed.



Assignments and meetings


Week 1

VMLA synchronous meeting
Assignment 1

Week 2

Assignment 2
Meet with instructional consultant


Week 3

Assignment 3

Week 4

Assignment 4
Meet with instructional consultant


Week 5

VMLA synchronous meeting
Assignment 5

Week 6

Assignment 6
Meet with instructional consultant


Week 7

Assignment 7

Week 8

Assignment 8
Meet with instructional consultant


Week 9

VMLA synchronous meeting
Capstone project

Week 10

Meet with instructional consultant
Complete capstone project

Course goals and learning objectives

Module 1: Discovery
During this module, you will gauge your institution’s readiness to implement a mobile learning initiative.

  • Assignment 1: Evaluating the mobile learning landscape
  • Assignment 2: Responsibilities, issues and plans

Module 2: Mobile technologies and applying frameworks
This module will enable you to get the most from the device you have selected and effectively apply a framework for mobile learning.

  • Assignment 3: Understanding your device
  • Assignment 4: Framework for effective technology integration

Module 3: Design activities and modeling
In this module, you will design collaborative and creative mobile learning experiences for your students and learn how to model effective mobile learning strategies.

  • Assignment 5: Wheel of Padagogy
  • Assignment 6: Designing mobile learning lessons

Module 4: Digital citizenship
This module will cover the basics of teaching and modeling safe online practices for students as they use their mobile devices to create and share content.

  • Assignment 7: Mobile device expectations
  • Assignment 8: Modeling digital citizenship

Module 5: Policies and management
For this module, you will be drawing together all that you have learned from this course to think how you want to continue forward as a school/district. The final project will enable you to design a plan for that future.

  • Capstone project: Mobile learning action plan