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The ISTE Standards are more than just abstract concepts. Students, educators, leaders and content creators around the globe use them as a guide in their shared mission to re-engineer education for the digital age. Whether you want to redesign your lesson plans or revamp your educational product line, ISTE and its community of passionate experts can help you apply the wisdom of the standards to achieve real-world results.

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Seal of Alignment > Discover resources to help implement the standards in your classroom or get ISTE’s stamp of approval for your educational product or service.

ISTE Standards Community > Align your lessons to the Common Core and ISTE Standards with help from standards experts in our new social learning community.

Global reach > Learn how the ISTE Standards influence education around the world.

CAEP teacher education standards > Read the ISTE-CAEP standards for accrediting the programs that educate U.S. technology directors, tech coaches and computer science teachers.

Common Core > Find out how the ISTE Standards help students meet the rigorous learning goals embedded in the Common Core.

How do you implement the ISTE Standards?

Now it’s your turn. How do you use the standards in your classroom, school or district? Share your innovative lesson plans, systemwide solutions and moving stories of success, and we may publish them on the ISTE EdTekHub.

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Transitioning to a technology-rich and standards-ready learning environment is a process. Where are you on the journey? Use our free diagnostic tool to generate data on your school.

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