ISTE Standards for Students
"7 Ways," music video

The ISTE Standards for Students present seven ways to help learners thrive in a constantly evolving learning landscape. Share the music video “7 Ways” with your classroom to spark student interest in these crucial skills.

What can I do next? Watch the music video with your students, then . . .

  • 1. Download the standards poster for your classroom and share with your students.
  • 2. Lead a classroom discussion: Which of the standards best describes what you want to become and why?
  • 3. Ask your students to come up with an activity to help them learn more about the standards, like:
  •      a. Write and perform a song about one or all of the ISTE Standards.
  •      b. Curate a collage that represents their own learning goals.
  •      c. Work in teams to develop a standards board or video game.

Share the standards with other educators, too! Ideas for getting started:

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