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Flip Your Classroom
Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day
Product Code: FLIPPR
ISBN: 9781564843159
Published: 2012
Media Type: Paper
Audience: TechnologyCoordinators, curriculum specialists, policy makers, administrators, teacher educators, educators (6–12)
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It started with a simple observation: Students need their teachers present to answer questions or to provide help if they get stuck on an assignment; they don’t need their teachers present to listen to a lecture or review content.From there, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams began the flipped classroom: Students watched recorded lectures for homework and completed their assignments, labs, and tests in class with their teacher available. What Bergmann and Sams found was that their students demonstrated a deeper understanding of the material than ever before.This is the authors’ story, and they’re confident it can be yours too.

Learn what a flipped classroom is and why it works, and get the information you need to flip a classroom. You’ll also learn the flipped mastery model, where students learn at their own pace, furthering opportunities for personalized education. This simple concept is easily replicable in any classroom, doesn’t cost much to implement, and helps foster self-directed learning. Once you flip, you won’t want to go back!

An argument for and overview of the flipped and flipped mastery classrooms; the logistics of conducting a flipped classroom, from the equipment needed to create videos to what to do during class to student assessment; a FAQ section that addresses important topics, including computer access, administrator buy in, and making sure your students are reliably accessing content on their own time

For more on the flipped classroom model, check out this season's webinars: Think You Can't Flip Your Humanities Classroom? Think Again!, The Basics of Flipped Learning and Flipped-Mastery Learning.

Product Reviews:
"Loaded with experienced insights, ideas, and lessons learned." -EmergingEdTech
Flip Your Classroom would be an excellent book club study for a professional learning community. -MiddleWeb