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Teaching with Digital Video
Watch, Analyze, Create
Product Code: DIGVID
Length: 220 Pages
ISBN: 9781564842664
Published: 2010
Media Type: Paper
Audience: Educators(K–12), technology coordinators, library media specialists, curriculum specialists
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Inexpensive, consumer-friendly digital video cameras are fueling the explosion of online video sites. Video cameras are even embedded in cell phones, music players, and a variety of other consumer devices. Video can be shared online with a single click-more than 20 hours of video are being uploaded to the internet every minute. These developments are making it easier than ever to create, view, and remix digital video-and students are already doing it in their free time. So why not use digital video to engage students and bring lessons to life with sound and motion? By watching, analyzing, and creating videos, students can visualize fractals, calculate the speed of sound, demonstrate critical thinking about historic events, and much, much more.

Teaching with Digital Video approaches digital video use by subject, showing educators how to effectively use digital video in four core curriculum areas: science, social studies, English language arts, and math. After explaining the unique advantages of digital video for each subject, the authors provide sample activities that can be used in the classroom. To aid implementation, each activity is presented in three parts: the content, aligned with standards including the NETS•S; the technology, which provides tips for using digital video; and the pedagogy, with instructional strategies that take advantage of video's unique capabilities. In addition, the authors cover the tools and techniques needed to acquire, create, and communicate with digital video.

Product Reviews:
"Superbly organized and presented, Teaching with Digital Video: Watch, Analyze, Create is an extraordinary instructional guide and highly recommended." ―Midwest Book Review
“Teaching with Digital Video is a significant contribution to the field.” —Digital Learning Environments