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Computer Science 3/20/2018

Computer programming in 4 steps

No matter the discipline, creating computational artifacts is one of the core computer science practices students should consistently experience to become better problem solvers. Here are four steps to get them started.

TAGS: Coding Computational thinking Robotics

Empowered Learner 3/18/2018

Unleashing every genius: Creative genius isn't rare – but the conditions that nurture it are

As employers increasingly demand graduates who are capable of high-level innovation and problem-solving, educators have responded by researching creativity and pioneering new ways of teaching and learning.


Empowered Learner 3/18/2018

Total turnaround: How LAUSD's troubled rollout became a model for tech success

Five years ago, LAUSD took a giant leap into the digital age with a districtwide rollout of iPads and failed. Today the district is a model for how to integrate technology while leading with instruction. This is the story of how the district transformed itself.


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