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The Net Generation as Preservice Teachers: Transferring Familiarity with New Technologies to Educational Environments

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Publication type: Journal Article
Citation:  JDLTE, 2011; 27(4): 144-153


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A survey of preservice teachers’ (n=54) use of Web 2.0 tools and creation of online content for both personal and educational purposes highlighted the large gap between Web 2.0 use in their daily lives and in their coursework, as well as their negligible online content creation in general. Participants used social networking and collaborative editing technologies with peers in coursework areas that were not led by instructors, indicating that they transfer their technical skills from informal to formal settings but continue to use technology in familiar ways. The results emphasize the continued need to model technology use in teacher education for preservice teachers of the Net generation and to require them to develop digital artifacts when preparing them for 21st century schools.



Swapna Kumar


Kathleen Vigil