The ISTE Board held its regularly scheduled February face-to-face meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, February 22–24.  A number of board members chose to come in a day early (at their expense) to visit Metropolitan Nashville schools. Kecia Ray, ISTE President-elect, arranged the visits. We were impressed with the use of technology throughout the district and the focused progress the district has made in the last few years.

Highlights from the board agenda included a presentation about the work of the Learning First Alliance by Cheryl Williams, CEO. She shared the common vision of the Alliance, which is made up of 17 educational organizations including ISTE.

The following actions took place during the meeting:

  • Acceptance of the audit report from Grant Thornton, ISTE's auditor.
  • Adoption of the revised 2013 budget.
  • Discussion and acceptance of Ends interpretations by the CEO.
  • Review and acceptance of policy monitoring reports submitted by the CEO and Board. (The monitoring reports provide accountability as outlined in the board policies for governance and activities of the organization.)
  • Adoption of a slate of candidates for the 2013 board election. There are seven At-Large seats open this year. Fourteen nominees will appear on the ballot.
  • Accepted recommendations from the Policies and Procedures committee for by-law changes that clarify board officer elections and board policies in order to add the Linkage Committee as a permanent board committee.
  • Adopted the draft of the Board Handbook, which outlines operational procedures for the board.
In addition, the CEO provided an Operational Education session about recent staff activities including the results of the Branding Taskforce that met in January. A revised organizational mission and vision were outcomes of the taskforce and will lay the groundwork for the development of the strategic plan in the next few months.

The board began work to identify and prioritize the Board’s 2013–14 Annual Plan of Work, which will be adopted at the June 2013 face-to-face meeting.

A discussion was lead by the chairs of the Linkage and Ad Hoc Board Composition Committees about feedback received regarding elections and appointments. No action was taken during the meeting. One of the goals of the Ad Hoc Board Composition Committee was to develop a plan to reduce the size of the board by 2015 in an effort to provide a more agile and nimble working board. This year’s election is putting that plan into action.

Board Member pins were presented to board members at their last face-to-face meeting. Chris Fuller, Stephen Rainwater and Ben Smith, received four-year pins. Tony Brandenburg, John Keller, Julie Lindsey, Kecia Ray, Kari Stubbs, and Ric Wiltse received two-year pins. We appreciate the service to ISTE that these board members have provided during their tenure. The past two years have been very productive in making positive changes in ISTE with the adoption of the Carver Policy Governance model and the hiring of a new ISTE CEO.

We are pleased to have this space on the ISTE website to update you on board activities and welcome your feedback, questions and comments.

We look forward to welcoming you to San Antonio and ISTE 2013 in June! See you there!

Holly Jobe