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Advocacy News

December 19, 2019 ISTE Pleased by Funding Increases for Education for Fiscal Year 2020 

November 7, 2019: Wyoming Department of Education Offers Support for Teachers to Lead Digital Age Classrooms

September 10, 2019: North Carolina Adopts the ISTE Standards for Students

June 19, 2019: New OECD Report Shows Major Gap in Preparing Teachers to Use Technology Effectively 

April 30, 2019: ISTE Applauds Funding Increases for Education for FY20

April 30, 2019: Utah Now Offering Certification for Educators Mastering Technology in the Classroom

March 11, 2019: ISTE CEO Richard Culatta Statement on Administration's Proposed Budget  

November 19, 2018: What do midterm election outcomes mean for education? 

September 27, 2018: ISTE Encouraged by Funding for Education, Raises Concerns Regarding Clarity of How Title IV-A Funds Can Be Spent 

August 23, 2018: ISTE Strongly Opposes Using Federal Education Funding to Buy Guns for Schools 

July 25, 2018: ISTE Optimistic About Focus on Preparing Next-Generation Teachers 

May 18, 2018: Washington State Adopts Educational Technology Standards 

May 16, 2018: Statement from ISTE CEO Richard Culatta on Senate Net Neutrality Vote 

May 3, 2018: Resources You Need to Direct Edtech Finds Your Way! (PDF)

March 21, 2018: "ISTE Says American Students Benefit from Congressional Support of Tech and Teaching in Funding Bill"

March 22, 2018: Funding bill supports edtech, teachers | PDF 

February 13, 2018: "ISTE CEO Richard Culatta Disappointed by President Donald Trump’s Proposed Budget for FY 2019 that Eliminates Programs that Support Educators"

February 9, 2018: "Governors’ State of the States Signal the Beginning of New Era for Edtech, Says ISTE


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December 2018: Just released: ISTE guide to using ESSA

July 2018: Your voice is making a difference!

April 2018: Congress invests in edtech


Advocacy Blog and Magazine Articles

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How Education Leaders Can Build Capacity for Digital Teaching and Learning


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As the rate of COVID-19 vaccinations accelerate, increasing numbers of students are returning…


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What the 2020 General Election Results Mean for Edtech


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The 2020 campaigns leading up to Election Day 2020 have been contentious, and the issue of how to ensure safe and effective student learning during the ongoing pandemic has been a flashpoint. By and large,…


Jorge Valenzuela

Member Profile: Jorge Valenzuela found his purpose as a national education advocate


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Working as an instructional specialist in Richmond, Virginia, Jorge Valenzuela knew his mission was to help other educators elevate their work. But it wasn’t until he spoke in front of the U.S. Senate that he…


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Act now: Ask Congress to fund online learning PD!


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As states and districts continue preparing for the upcoming school year, national data reveal the critical need to support educators’ capacity to deliver effective and equitable online learning experiences. For…


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How states can support edtech priorities


Topics: Advocacy and funding, COVID-19

Professional learning that improves educator practice is supported by ongoing, job-embedded coaching. Therefore, to build educators’ capacities in technology-empowered pedagogy, state leaders can plan…


Ji Soo Song

Take Action: Tips for implementing, advocating for ESSA funds


Topics: Advocacy and funding, ESSA

In December 2015, the U.S. Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a sweeping update to the No Child Left Behind Act that profoundly shaped public education for nearly 14 years. ESSA includes a…