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A high schools student tends a hydroponic growing system

Food computer is catalyst for growth at innovation lab


Topics: student-centered learning

At Andover High School in Andover, Massachusetts, students’ work on a computer-controlled hydroponic growing system earned a gold medal at an international tech competition in China.

It was a high honor…


Children work together on a computer

CT Competencies: Embrace integration across the curriculum


Topics: Computational Thinking, Computational Thinking Competencies, ISTE Standards

When embarking on your school or district’s computer science (CS) journey, computa­tional thinking (CT) should be taught first, primarily because CT helps learners under­stand the logic and algorithmic…


A student works on a laptop

All in! 4 leaders share how a districtwide vision led to transformation


Topics: Education leadership, ISTE Standards for Education Leaders

Too often, tech integration is driven by innovative teachers working alone in classrooms, tech directors and coordinators with too many teachers to adequately serve, or a single school that becomes the showcase…


Joseph South

ISTE Certification helping create a critical mass of change agents


Topics: ISTE Certification, Professional development

A year ago, I made a bold promise at the ISTE conference. I said I’d buy a Philly cheesesteak at ISTE19 for every ISTE Certified Educator there if we…


Nikki D. Robertson

Empowering students to be masters of their own learning


Topics: Libraries, student-centered learning

During my first stint as an elementary school librarian in the mid-1990s, I stumbled upon the magic of learning centers. Centers, which allow students to choose from a variety of learning activities, empower…


Mike Welsh

Mike Walsh discusses AI, 5G networks and our relationship with tech


Topics: Artificial intelligence, Digital & media literacy

When you want to know what the future holds for your students, Mike Walsh is the go-to guy.

Walsh is the CEO of the very appropriately named consultancy Tomorrow, but his description of his role is more…


ISTE Board President Bill Bass

We’re in it together: Serving the best interests of students



I often think about how much school has changed since I started teaching almost 20 years ago. I didn’t have a computer, mobile phones were large and bulky, and the in­formation I could use to teach my students…


Jason Trinh

Building a diverse, inclusive edtech community


Topics: digital equity

When students enter our classrooms for the first time, teachers may unconsciously judge them based on where they sit. Did they choose a seat front and center? They must be eager to learn and participate. Did…


Trina Davis

Trina Davis: She’s reinventing how educators learn to teach STEM


Topics: STEM, Teacher training

To create unforgettable STEM experiences for students, teachers need to have them first.

That’s how Trina Davis sees it. An associate professor for Texas A&M University’s Department of Teaching…


Students program a robot

Building AI: When student creators meet artificial intelligence, sparks fly


Topics: Artificial intelligence, Coding & robotics

Gati Aher already has some ideas about how artificial intelligence could improve her after-school job.

It’s a small business with a heavy focus on marketing, where some employees spend hours each day…