The New Digital Citizenship: Empower Proactive Digital Learners [Classroom poster]

The new digital citizenship takes students beyond the protective to the proactive. Respect, education and protection are still important foundations of digital citizenship, but today's digital learners also need to understand the power they have to advocate, collaborate and drive change through technology.

The new digital citizenship posits that digital citizens are learners who use their technology-driven powers conscientiously — and with empathy — to help make the world a better place. Learners can become empowered and proactive digital citizens by cultivating the three spheres of the new digital citizenship: digital agent, digital interactor and digital self.

The infographic below illustrates the three spheres of the new digital citizenship and the characteristics of each. Click on the image to enlarge it and get a printable version for your classroom. Or sign up for five days of digital citizenship " "coffee breaks" " via the form below to get the printable poster and additional digital citizenship tips and resources delivered right to your inbox.

ISTE_New Digital Citizenship Poster_11x17_10-2017