Choose your learning format at ISTE 2018

As an educator, you’re accustomed to offering students differentiated learning opportunities. At ISTE 2018, you’ll find numerous formats and session types to match your learning style.

There are sessions for hands-on learners, for those seeking inspiration, for those who appreciate an informative traditional lecture and for those who like their learning to be fast paced.

Here’s a rundown of the various learning formats on tap in Chicago:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):  Explore new resources and develop skills doing hands-on activities using your own device. BYOD sessions are included in conference registration but require preregistration.

BYODex: Create something new during extended 90-minute BYOD session focused on exploring new resources or developing new skills through hands-on activities using your own device. BYODex sessions are included in the conference registration but require preregistration.  

Ignites: Enjoy fast-paced, five-minute talks using 20 slides.

Interactive lecture: Listen to the lecture then participate in hands-on activities using your own device.

Keynotes: Watch hour-long presentations from thought leaders in the field of education and beyond who inspire and ignite passion for connected learning.

Learning academy: Immerse yourself in full-day learning opportunities that include a series of hands-on, curriculum-integrated, project-based sessions on a popular topic. Preregistration and additional fees are required.

Lecture: Listen to one or more presenters deliver a traditional lecture.

Meeting: Meet in a formal, public or private gathering with a structured purpose or agenda.

Multi-presentation: Listen as several presenters deliver a round-robin series of fast-paced perspectives on a common topic or theme.

Panel: Hear two or more experts discuss a specific topic.

Playground: Experiment with interactive technologies that enhance creativity and learning.

Poster: Browse a showcase of projects in a multi-booth environment where you can engage with presenters one-on-one or in small groups.

Research paper: Listen to the findings of two or three research papers and discuss them in a roundtable format.

Social event: Network with attendees at hosted and no-host events sponsored by ISTE, an ISTE Professional Learning Network or affiliate partner.

Snapshot: Listen to two half-hour presentations focused on a particular solution, tool or resource combined into one hour-long lecture session.

Sponsor activity: Watch demonstrations and activities hosted by ISTE conference sponsors.

Workshop: Participate in in-depth hands-on sessions that explore a topic in a smaller-group setting.