Engaging lesson plans that will make your students crave school

Is this the year you’re determined to do something drastically different in the classroom? Maybe you’ve been teaching for decades and a particular lesson needs a fresh coat of paint. Maybe you’re a new teacher looking for ways to engage students in a challenging subject. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

Browse these 10 popular posts from the EdTekHub that are packed with how-to, standards-filled lessons embedded with technology.

  1. Community projects meet standards and allow students to make a difference. Melissa Follin and Christina Troxell shared this lesson, which earned first place in the ISTE Project ReimaginED contest last spring. The contest recognized lessons that put the ISTE Standards and Common Core State Standards into practice. In this lesson, they challenged their fourth grade students to find a solution to the problem of the dwindling oyster population in Chesapeake Bay.
  2. Steal these ideas from Project ReimaginED. Speaking of Project ReimaginED, here are five great lesson ideas submitted by members of the community. One project combines environmental protection, engineering, design, 3D manufacturing and — with a little adaptation — data collection, curve fitting and functions. Other lessons have students creating and programming objects; investigating static electricity through engineering; delving into geopolitical issues in the Middle East; and combining literature, biology, electricity, creative writing, hands-on manufacturing, research and presentation.
  3. Inspire students to take their projects into the real world. We talked to Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss, authors of Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age, about what makes a good PBL project, then asked ISTE members to share their favorite projects. 
  4. Get your students excited about writing with digital storytelling. ISTE emerging leader Kristy Andre shared how she taught digital storytelling to students in Cape Town, South Africa. Follow her step-by-step guide for replicating the project in your classroom
  5. 5 cool project ideas to steal. When selecting PBL projects, look for activities that aren’t overly scripted and that allow you and your students to maneuver as needed once the project is underway. That’s good advice from PBL expert and author Suzie Boss. Here are five projects, ranging from video tourism to video game design, that fit that bill.  
  6. Create and share your own videos and podcasts. Educator Tyler DeWitt offers this lesson on creating and sharing videos and podcasts. He walks you through the props, equipment, tools and more.
  7. A book report your students will love. Tired of that old standby, the book report? Educator Keith Ferrell shows you how to get your students creating movie trailers about their books. At the end of this project, students take away a one- to three-minute trailer containing details about the plot, characters and setting of the books they’ve enjoyed, and they’ve inspired and excited their fellow classmates to pick up new books and try out different genres.
  8. Mystery Skype: Where in the world are they? The idea is incredibly simple, but how it unfolds can be downright magical. Sit back and marvel as your students use all of their background knowledge, tech savvy and common sense to figure out where another class of peers is in the world. Wisconsin teacher Pernille Ripp explains how it works.
  9. The Underwater Dome Project. Doug Kiang of Honolulu, Hawaii, asked his students to work together in a shared world in Minecraft to build him an office completely underwater. The parameters were that it had to be big, it had to be enclosed by a glass dome, all elements had to be mined or donated from existing supplies, and it had to have plenty of trees, flowers and other natural elements. Find out how they pulled it off.
  10. 5 standards-aligned lesson plans for the new school year. We end where we began, with lesson ideas from the Project ReimaginED community. This time you’ll go to Europe to Discover French Regions, join forces on a Collaborative Habitat Project, sharpen your quills on Modern Julius Caesar and program 3D nightlights with Project Nightlight.

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