EdTekTalk: Seize your limitations!

By Diana Fingal 7/2/2014

ISTE reached out to inspiring people from a range of fields and asked them to share their insights in mini-keynotes at ISTE 2014. This EdTekTalk is one in a series of five videos that showcases futurists, designers and entrepreneurs.

Phil Hansen was a promising artist when a crippling shake prevented him from creating the pointillist works that were his passion. He had no choice but to walk away from his art. Or so he thought.

When a neurologist suggested that he embrace the shake, Hansen found himself changing his thinking from “what is” to “what if?” Embracing the shake was a transformative process that caused him to re-think the concept of limitation.

He experimented by imposing limits on himself. Painting with his feet. Working in two-by-fours. Scribbling to form patterns. In the process, he unleashed a creativity he never imagined.

“We need to first be limited in order to become limitless,” he says. This is the lesson that students need to hear in order to accept failure and push through barriers.

“Embracing the shake is about building our foundational skills so we can tap our potential when we need it most,” he says. “Looking at limitations as a source of creativity changed my life. Whenever I find myself stumped, I still struggle. But I continue to show up for the process and remind myself of the possibilities.”


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