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1272 days ago
Topics that society advocates to the public typically lose its impact. I did not notice this fact until reading this particular article. It is very important to avoid turning anti-cyber bulling into a cliché. Most people now socialize using social media, which makes it easier to hide behind a mask and torture others. Furthermore, that is exactly why we as teachers should engage students with this topic and not just lecture them about it!
1272 days ago
While reading this article and watching the short film attached I had several things that stood out to me. I realized I learned something new, and it made me reflect on the personal experiences I've had with social media issues. One thing that stood out to me was the question the writer asked the students. "What the friend could have done differently?" All three responses given by the student body shown above are different ways to help the situation. The thing that stood out to me the most is how fast something can be taken away. I read this quote on the Internet just the other day. "It takes your whole life to build your reputation and only a second to ruin it." That couldn't be more true. Edvardo is in the 11th grade. It took him almost 17 years to get to where he is at this very moment. Imagine all the studying, practicing, coaching, and test he had completed the past 17 years. I know for myself that is a lot. It took him 17 years to get there, and only one second to click post for all that above to be gone. Majority of people that age are depending on a scholarship to get through college, now Edvardo has to start over and build his reputation back. This article makes me reflect back to my own experience with cyber bullying. It was just the other day I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a status update from a high school graduate from 2001. She was complaining about the "athletic board" decision to have two mascots instead of one. The reason behind that decision was because the school is a 6A school. It's very large and there is multiple after school activities going on. With there being two mascots, the "panther" could be at two places at one time. The only difference is the newly purchased panther is a "younger" costume and is more "kid friendly." This high school graduate made the assumption that getting a younger, more kid friendly costume was replacing an old high school tradition. She was cyber bullying the person who made the decision to approve the change. While I think it's a good idea to have two different costumes so that the panther can be in more places than one, this person disagrees. The situation was blown way out of proportion and this alum humiliated the athletic board member. Although it wasn't directed personally to me, I know both of the people and it was a sign of cyber bulling. It could have been prevented, and handled a lot more professionally. This is an on going problem we have with social media, and I think this article does an explicit job of making the community aware of how easy it is to mess up in less than a second.
1274 days ago
I believe the video showed a great example about how social media can impact a person's life. There are so many ways that bullying can occur. When the young lady made a rude comment regarding her friends swimsuit, she did not realize that was an act of cynerbullying. We need to be more careful as to what we post on social media. You never know who might see it and everything can be taking away from you in the blink of an eye. So, if you have to question what you post, just do not post anything at all.