6 resources for getting started with robotics

By Team ISTE 11/1/2016 Robotics Standards STEM & STEAM

There's never been a better time to use robotics to inspire a fascination with computer science. Check out these easy-to-implement resources for getting started with robotics and put your students on the path to becoming computational thinkers.

littleBits: These fun, easy-to-use electronic building blocks empower kids to create inventions, large and small.

RobotBASIC: This is a free tool for schools, teachers and students. Developed with help from 33-year education veteran John Blankenship, it's among the most powerful educational programming languages available, with nearly 900 commands and functions.

LEGO Robotics: Perhaps one of the most widely used robotics programs in schools and after-school clubs, LEGO Robotics lets students at any learning level create and command robots. Embed Lego Mindstorms into a club, competition or after-school program, and your students will learn as much about problem solving and collaboration as they do about engineering and programming.

EZ-Robot: EZ-Robot provides a platform that scales between beginner and advanced users, who learn logic, soldering, electronics and modular design, all while modifying a toy shell into a personal robot.

Raspberry Pi: This is a series of credit card-sized single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom to teach basic computer science in schools. Raspberry Pi 3 is the third generation. The boards cost between $20-$35.

Bee-Bot: This colorful, friendly, easy-to-operate robot is ideal for teaching sequencing, estimation and problem solving. It also teaches perseverance and collaborative skills.

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