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a person takes a picture of the night sky with a smartphone

Touring the heavens with NASA through the lens of a smartphone


Topics: citizen science, NASA, NSSEC, STEM

Sten Odenwald likes to get the public involved in citizen science projects by using one of the most…


A student at a laptop stares out the window

Video poems add digital literacy to creativity and expression


Topics: Creativity, ISTE Standards for Students, STEM & STEAM

As an artist, Tim Needles has always written poetry. So, as an art teacher, it was a natural for him to merge words with visual arts in his classes. One result is video poetry.

But what Needles has…


A student examines a solar system model

Hello?Jupiter? NASA project allows students to eavesdrop on faraway planets


Topics: citizen science, NSSEC

Radio Jove, a NASA citizen science project, provides a way for students and other everyday Earthlings to…


Nadia Abuisnaineh, a Solar System Ambassador for NASA, teaches students about space.

NASA program brings space exploration down to Earth for students



Do you want your students to learn about NASA’s plans to return to the moon or its efforts to find extraterrestrial life? Or how scientists plan to grow food on extended space missions or the latest…


Students code a dance routine.

How to incorporate music and dance into lessons


Topics: Coding & robotics, dance, music

Many students love music and dance, and research indicates that learning through music and structured movement is good educational…


A student raises his hand in class.

Level up learning with retrieval practice


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences

Even without directly observing your classroom, I can guess that you use a version of retrieval practice with your students. Every educator does. Retrieval practice is essentially remembering information we…


An educator tried sketchnoting.

Mythology and the magic of dual coding


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences, Sketchnoting

In the fast-paced field of education and educational technology, sometimes it feels like if we don’t keep up with the pack on the latest strategies and technologies, we’ll get left so far behind that we might…


A girl uses her smartphone to measure silence.

Students can use smartphones to measure quietude


Topics: citizen science, STEM

Sten Odenwald wants to find a little peace and quiet. And he wants you to help him.

Odenwald, the director of citizen science for NASA, has…


girl with a laptop

Redefining my classroom with retrieval practice using Quizizz


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences, Retrieval practice

Last week, I paused before entering my eighth grade honors earth and environmental science classroom and watched a flurry of activity. Sensing that the class was ready to go, a student — unprompted —…


1980s computer

Most transformative technology for education? Here's what some ISTE members think!



As part of ISTE's 40th anniversary, we're taking a look back. During ISTE's four-decade existence, technology has changed the world in profound and permanent ways. In a recent forum, we asked asked members, “…