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two students sit at a desk discussing something on an iPad

5 Awesome Resources for Learning About Digital Citizenship


Topics: Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Week is the perfect time to celebrate the components of digital citizenship at our schools by learning,…


A father helps his son on a tablet computer at a kitchen table

Three Ways To Take Digital Citizenship Districtwide


Topics: Internet safety

Expanding a digital citizenship program from a classroom to an entire school district can be a challenging, time-consuming process. Beginning the journey with a few tips from those who have made the trip can…


a teacher sits on a desk surrounded by five students who she's speaking to

Help Students Resist Conspiracy Theories


Topics: Digital & media literacy

Anyone who regularly reads the headlines knows that the world can seem like a scary place. But for young people with less life experience than adults — particularly those who they are holed up behind screens —…


Students in a classroom discuss controversial topics

5 Ways to Bring Ethical Thinking Into the Classroom


Topics: Digital & media literacy, digital ethics

It’s hard to avoid ethics in the classroom. And why would we want to since it is those very discussions that help us all think deeply and critically about our roles in society and the larger world.


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Digital Citizenship in the Time of COVID-19: How can states change the narrative?


Topics: Digital Citizenship

As technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous in students’ lives, it is becoming more important for educators to model and teach how to conduct positive, safe, legal and ethical behaviors online. The…


Two girls at school in front of a laptop discuss cyber-bullying incident.

Empowering Digital Citizens With Real-Life Scenarios


Topics: Digital & media literacy, Digital Citizenship

Can digital digital citizenship be taught in a positive way? Sarah Loyola from North Carolina's Ravenscroft School says it can.

When Loyola came to Ravenscroft as its first director of educational…


Laurel and her mom Nicole Carter

Teen helps create social media lessons


Topics: Digital Citizenship, Social media

When Laurel, a 12-year-old from North Carolina, bumped into the CEO of The Social Institute – an organization devoted to helping kids navigate social media – the sixth-grader just wanted to thank her for her…


Three boys in a classroom sit side by side watching something on a laptop.

3 Ways To Weave Digital Citizenship Into Your Curriculum


Topics: Digital Citizenship

In the famous words of Spider-Man writer Stan Lee, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Actually, Voltaire might have said it first. Or possibly Jesus.

The point is, if we're going to empower students to create and share online, we've also got to teach them how…