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a group of educators in a brainstorming session

Interview: Defining effective edtech use


Topics: ISTE Standards

In the past decade, state policymakers have invested heavily in devices and infrastructure to narrow the digital divide in schools. Many are now recognizing that, to ensure these investments are achieving their…


3 educators looking at a laptop

Growing ME: Bridging the equity gap through mentorship 


Topics: digital equity, diversity

In my past position, I offered professional development to new mentor teachers. Research shows us that the number of people entering, and staying in, the teaching field is declining. But what I find even more…


teachers at a staff meeting

3 steps to dismantle inequities in your school


Topics: digital equity

I have the good fortune of working with talented educators around the country who are committed to centering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their work. In my roles as a former founding school leader…


A student demonstrates technology to a parent.

3 strategies for engaging parents about using tech for learning


Topics: Parents, Social media

When parents are informed about how educators are using technology for meaningful learning, they are more likely to become passionate advocates for school technology. Here are three creative ways  beyond…


An educator talks to a parent about the benefits of technology

How to talk to parents about learning with technology


Topics: Inclusion, Parents

There’s a lot of guidance out there on how to talk to parents about student privacy, the home-school connection and acceptable use policies. And it’s valuable information. But what if you shared a new story…


School principal helps student with iPad

Getting ed leaders on board with tech



It can be challenging to get a ground-level view from a district office. Halton Catholic School District in Burlington, Ontario, has an innovative approach to fix this problem.

As in many districts,…


Michael Bonner shares five ways educators can check their implicit bias.

5 ways educators can check their implicit bias


Topics: digital equity

Michael Bonner’s degree in psychology gave him insight into the power of the mind. What he didn’t know was how that knowledge would come into play in the classroom.

Bonner, a second grade teacher in a…


Edtech coaches can use these seven tips to help teachers overcome their technology fears.

Banish tech phobia: How to get teachers on board with edtech


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

We’ve all heard about veteran educators who have been teaching the same way for years and are reluctant to integrate technology into their practice.

Why should they? It’s scary to try something new,…


Become an edtech advocate!

Become an edtech advocate!



No matter where you teach or who your students are, as an educator, you must have access to technology and the ability to use it to augment all facets of instruction. Sometimes, however, access to the appropriate edtech for our students isn’t equitable, available or within our expertise — that…


Rafranz Davis: Building equity one student at a time

Rafranz Davis: Building equity one student at a time



It was like a scene from a movie. When first-year teacher Rafranz Davis took over the eighth grade math classroom at Ennis Junior High School in Ennis, Texas, just weeks before the state exams, students greeted her by flipping their desks around, putting their feet up and turning their backs in…