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Karen Richardson

Take Action: Make equity, diversity part of advocacy efforts


Topics: Advocacy

When someone talks about advocacy, what do you think about? You may imagine ISTE members walking the halls of Congress or writing letters to their state legislators, sharing their values. These activities are…


Two teachers working on a computer

Standards Spotlight: ISTE Learner standard provides a road map to lifelong scholarship


Topics: ISTE Standards for Educators

Like most educators, I’m a learner first. I want to know all there is to know about teaching to best meet the needs of my students. That’s why I went to college for 15 years to gain my teaching qualifications,…


Sylvia Fojo

Global Focus: A world without borders is a boon for educator learning


Topics: Global collaboration, ISTE Standards for Educators

There’s never been a more exciting time to be an educator. Thanks to technology, we live in an interconnected world that gives us immediate access to whatever we’re looking for. In this “world without borders…


Darryl Joiner

Leaders must be the change they want to see


Topics: ISTE Standards for Education Leaders

Last February, during a meeting with a group of middle school students, I was asked why I chose a career in education.

I shared that there was never a point in my education when I liked school, and that…


Two girls show their sketchnotes

What Works: Sketchnoting engages students while building comprehension


Topics: Learning sciences, Sketchnoting

Laura Steinbrink works hard to engage her students.

So it distressed her when two bright students in her high school literature class in Plato, Missouri, copped bad attitudes about having to study The…


A girl looks through a microscope

Measuring what matters


Topics: Assessment, Personalized Learning

New approaches measure learning that lies outside of traditional assessment

As educators pursue more personalized, student-driven and inquiry-based approaches to learning, one obstacle that continues…


A boy is making a podcast

The power of storytelling


Topics: Digital storytelling

The diagnosis hit hard. After a series of car accidents, Luis Perez discovered he had a visual impairment that could eventually leave him blind.

While losing the light was painful enough, it was the…


Richard Culatta

ISTE CEO: Shaping the future is in our DNA


Topics: digital equity, ISTE Standards, Seal of Alignment

I recently came across the T-shirt I was given when I volunteered at the 30th ISTE conference. In case you’re wondering, it still fits, as does the role ISTE has played in helping me stay ahead of important…


Manoush Zomorodi

Interview: Manoush Zomorodi on where technology is taking us


Topics: podcasting

Journalist, author and entrepreneur Manoush Zomorodi says she found her true calling nearly six years ago when she became a podcast host. A former breaking news reporter for the BBC and business and tech…


A student works on a laptop

All in! 4 leaders share how a districtwide vision led to transformation


Topics: Education leadership, ISTE Standards for Education Leaders, Online learning

Too often, tech integration is driven by innovative teachers working alone in classrooms, tech directors and coordinators with too many teachers to adequately serve, or a single school that becomes the showcase…