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NEMOnet from NASA

NASA makes a game of trying to save world’s coral reefs


Topics: citizen science from NASA, ISTE Standards for Students, NASA

NASA’s latest citizen science project is a serious global endeavor cloaked in a video game.



Students and their teacher test water quality.

Citizen scientists: Technology is blurring the lines between students and scientists


Topics: citizen science from NASA

For students in Iqaluit, Nunavut – a fly-in community in Northern Canada – climate change isn’t an abstract concept measured in degrees or inches. It’s a tangible reality, visible in the sinking pylons that…


a person takes a picture of the night sky with a smartphone

Touring the heavens with NASA through the lens of a smartphone


Topics: citizen science from NASA, NASA, NSSEC, STEM

Sten Odenwald likes to get the public involved in citizen science projects by using one of the most…


A student examines a solar system model

NASA Project Allows Students to Eavesdrop on Faraway Planets


Topics: citizen science from NASA, NSSEC

Radio Jove, a NASA citizen science project, provides a way for students and other everyday Earthlings to…


A girl uses her smartphone to measure silence.

Students can use smartphones to measure quietude


Topics: citizen science from NASA, STEM

Sten Odenwald wants to find a little peace and quiet. And he wants you to help him.

Odenwald, the director of citizen science for NASA, has…


Students can check Earth's gravity on their cellphones.

Students can do citizen science on their smartphones


Topics: citizen science from NASA, STEM

For astronomer Sten Odenwald, the smartphones we all use in our daily lives have some extraordinary scientific potential. For instance, the sensor a phone uses to help orient its screen can also measure gravity…


NASA resources: A universe of learning at your fingertips

NASA Resources: A Universe of Learning at Your Fingertips


Topics: citizen science from NASA, NASA, NSSEC, STEM & STEAM

Searching for resources on the NASA website to challenge and inspire budding scientists can be a bit like exploring the universe: You’ll find a vast expanse of interesting data, visuals, stories and creations.…