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3 edtech coaches smile as they look at a laptop screen

6 ways edtech coaches can easily build professional networks


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When Leslie Fagin transitioned from being a high school English teacher to being a district instructional technology coach, she suddenly found herself without her people.

“I knew how to use technology…


Adventures in Authentic Learning

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21 Step-by-Step Projects From an Edtech Coach

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ISBN: 9781564848819

Published: December 2020

Length: 248 pages


An edtech coach advises teachers

Train — and Pay — Teachers to Be Edtech Coaches!


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Most districts have some version of a TOSA, teacher on special assignment. Often, these are edtech coaches brought on board with the idea that in 3-5 years everyone will be up to speed and the position will no longer be needed.

“That’s ridiculous because the rate of…