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Two boys sit next to each other at a desk looking joyfully at a computer screen.

How Curiosity, Creativity and Student Agency Unlock Student Learning


Topics: Creativity, Personalized Learning, Student Agency

Long before the pandemic disrupted learning for 1.7 billion students and forever embedded technology into schooling around the globe, it was already clear that education systems were due for an overhaul. 


A student wearing safety goggles glues a small globe he created.

5 Reasons Why It Is More Important Than Ever to Teach Creativity


Topics: Creativity

On the laundry list of skills and content areas teachers have to cover, creativity doesn’t traditionally get top billing. It’s usually lumped together with other soft skills like communication and collaboration…


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Video Poems Add Digital Literacy to Creativity and Expression


Topics: Creativity, ISTE Standards for Students, STEM & STEAM

As an artist, Tim Needles has always written poetry. So, as an art teacher, it was a natural for him to merge words with visual arts in his classes. One result is video poetry.

But what Needles has…


A group of four school children work together at a laptop

4 Strategies for Boosting Creativity


Topics: Creativity

Creativity is more important than ever, because it’s not so much what we know but how we use what we know.

At San Lorenzo Unified School District in California, our 12-hour teacher tech academies are centered on the 4 C’s: collaboration, communication, creativity and critical…


Unleashing every genius: Creative genius isn't rare  but the conditions that nurture it are

Unleashing every genius: Creative genius isn't rare but the conditions that nurture it are


Topics: Creativity

Hannah Edge grew tired of heading to the emergency room every time she had an asthma attack. So at age 13, she designed and 3D printed a prototype for a handheld device that can measure lung capacity in real time.

Concerned about the…