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Two parents help a daughter with homework on a laptop in the kitchen

How To Empower — Not Scare! — Parents About Technology


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship, Parents

It’s a very stressful experience to have an audience member stand up, say you’re wrong and walk out in the middle of your presentation. Fortunately, that’s only happened to me once, but when…


Students around a table collborating

From discord to civil discourse: The human side of digital citizenship


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital & media literacy, Digital Citizenship

Gun violence, climate change, immigration, abortion. There seems to be no end to the number of divisive issues that are causing people from all walks of life to lash out in angry ways.

It’s not…


7 tips for helping students develop emotional intelligence

7 tips for helping students develop emotional intelligence


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship, social-emotional learning

Part of growing up is developing empathy, the ability to understand the feelings of others. It starts in kindergarten when we learn to share the crayons. As we get older, we learn to include others on the playground to avoid hurt feelings and begin to relate to those who are different than we…


Students sit on mats to meditate in school

6 Ways To Easily Bring Mindfulness Into the Classroom


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship

Mindfulness is the practice of paying purposeful, nonjudgmental attention to the present moment. It's a skill that can benefit students far beyond the classroom. Studies have shown the practice enhances focus, may…


girl looks at her cell phone

7 Tips and 1 Activity To Help Digital Citizens Engage With Empathy


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship, Inclusion

Educator and author Kristen Mattson, Ed.D., has a bone to pick with a lot of the digital citizenship curricula used in schools today. Too much of it, she says, focuses on what not to do, and it rarely addresses the opportunities and responsibilities of the digital world. In addition,…


A student looks at her cell phone while sitting next to a laptop

Top 10 Sites To Help Students Check Their Facts


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital & media literacy, Digital Citizenship

In a political climate where sharing fake news has become commonplace, it’s more important than ever to rely on trustworthy and dogged fact-checking services to vet information.

Our job as digital citizens requires more than…


A teacher shows students something on a desktop computer

5 Things Students Should Do to Stay Safe and Secure Online


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship

As adults, we do everything possible to keep our computers, bank accounts and families safe. Our list of to-dos continues to grow as our use of digital…


Two teenage girls study something on a computer.

Infographic: I'm a Digital Citizen!


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital & media literacy, Digital Citizenship

For students today, the digital world offers enormous possibilities. Free and low-cost digital tools allow students to write blogs, share their photos and art work with a global audience, …


Mom and daughter making online purchase

The student's guide to safe online shopping


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship

As teachers work with students to understand online access, student voice, media literacy, and digital balance, there’s one aspect of digital citizenship they often overlook: digital commerce. And yet it has significant implications for students, both personally and financially.



a woman and her son play a game on a tablet

Don't Ban Technology; Help Kids Strive for Balance


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Balance, Parent engagement

We seem to be living in an all-or-nothing, black-and-white world without any acknowledgment that there can be a middle ground. Our attitudes toward technology and our children are hardening into these types of fixed mindsets.

Figuring out how to integrate technology into our lives is not…