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A girl sits at a school desk with her head resting on her arm looking bored

Collecting Real-Time Data to Support Student Well-Being


Topics: Digital Citizenship

Many educators would agree that it’s difficult to get a read on student well-being – particularly in middle schools, where students are less inclined to share their thoughts and feelings.

One New York…


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5 Awesome Resources for Learning About Digital Citizenship


Topics: Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Week is the perfect time to celebrate the components of digital citizenship at our schools by learning,…


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How States Can Support the Next Generation of Digital Citizens


Topics: Digital Citizenship

The American Rescue Plan Act recently made unprecedented investments into…


A girl helps a boy with a VR headset

The Hottest Topics in Edtech in 2021


Topics: Digital Citizenship, digital equity, esports, SEL, Virtual & augmented reality

For a few years now, we’ve shared the hottest edtech trends of the year based on the topics resonating with educators at the annual ISTE conference. Although the topics themselves often don’t change much from…


a girl talks to her teacher

Digital Citizenship Lessons Start With a Simple Conversation


Topics: Digital Citizenship

Do you remember the public service announcements from the mid-2010s that featured different scenarios of parents (sometimes awkwardly) talking to their children about underage drinking?

If this doesn’t…


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Digital Citizenship in the Time of COVID-19: How can states change the narrative?


Topics: Digital Citizenship

As technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous in students’ lives, it is becoming more important for educators to model and teach how to conduct positive, safe, legal and ethical behaviors online. The…


A mom stands over her son as they look at something on a laptop

Educators: Help Parents Talk to Their Kids About Tech


Topics: Digital Citizenship

The average public school student in the U.S. spends about 6.5 hours in school a day, 180 days a year. That may seem like a…


Two children smile while looking at a laptop while a smiling teacher looks on.

Digital Citizenship: From Don’ts to Do’s to Seamless Integration


Topics: Digital Citizenship

The concept of digital citizenship has evolved and changed along with edtech. It has gone from a list of don’ts…


Two parents help a daughter with homework on a laptop in the kitchen

How To Empower — Not Scare! — Parents About Technology


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship, Parents

It’s a very stressful experience to have an audience member stand up, say you’re wrong and walk out in the middle of your presentation. Fortunately, that’s only happened to me once, but when…


Students around a table collborating

From discord to civil discourse: The human side of digital citizenship


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital & media literacy, Digital Citizenship

Gun violence, climate change, immigration, abortion. There seems to be no end to the number of divisive issues that are causing people from all walks of life to lash out in angry ways.

It’s not…