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6 Things Every Educator Should Know About Digital Equity


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Digital equity is easier to define than it is to solve. It’s about making sure students have equal access to technology like devices, software and the internet, and that they have trained educators to help them navigate those tools.

That can be a heavy lift when you consider all the…


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There Is More to Digital Equity Than Devices and Bandwidth


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The past two years has seen a narrowing of the digital divide when it comes to two things: the number of school devices per student and the Wi-Fi that transforms these devices into powerful learning tools at home and in the classroom.

But it’s premature to say the…


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Tap Into Your Community To Narrow the Digital Divide


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A dozen years ago, the Rowan-Salisbury School System in Salisbury, North Carolina, put devices in the hands of 19,500 K-12 students. Learners in grades 3-12 brought the devices home every day. Almost immediately, an issue arose.

Despite every student having a device,…