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The U.S. Department of Education and ISTE Launch Initiative to Improve Tech Proficiency of New Teachers to Increase Digital Equity


Topics: Higher education

The EPPs for Digital Equity and Transformation Pledge builds on ISTE’s commitment to help new teachers be successful at a time of rapid change in education.



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4 Action Steps to Prepare New Teachers to Use Edtech


Topics: Higher education, Teacher prep

Think back to the first time you entered a classroom responsible for teaching a small group of students with a lesson you had designed. Remember how excited (or nervous!) you were the day your student teaching…


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How States Can Reimagine Teacher Preparation To Ensure Edtech Skills


Topics: Higher education, Teacher training

How can state leaders help new educators understand how to best leverage technology for classroom instruction? Educator preparation programs have the opportunity to help candidates use digital tools…


Digital equity starts with teachers-in-training

Digital equity starts with teachers-in-training


Topics: Higher education, Standards

For teacher educator Nicol Howard, addressing digital equity issues starts long before K-12 students ever get close to a classroom.

One of the key starting places is the training those students’ teachers receive in their degree programs. But it’s not as simple as teaching new educators…


4 strategies to narrow the digital equity gap for preservice teachers

4 Strategies To Narrow the Digital Equity Gap for Preservice Teachers


Topics: Higher education, Teacher prep

Although digital equity is not a new term, rapid advancements in technology raise new concerns for educator preparation programs like my program at the University of Redlands in California. We strive to narrow the gap between…