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Teacher conducts a lesson remotely

Five tips for designing materials for remote learning


Topics: Learning sciences

Before we go any further, a big thank you to the many teachers who’ve put together content, often at a few days’ notice, to try keep learning going during these uncertain times. Over the past weeks, I’ve seen so much guilt expressed on Twitter and occasionally an attempt to do too much. This…


a boy sketching a frog in school

Sketchnoting brings power of brain science to the classroom


Topics: Learning sciences, Sketchnoting

In 2016 Nichole Carter attended a session on sketchnoting at the ISTE conference, and it changed her teaching forever. That pivotal moment also sparked a passion…


Two girls show their sketchnotes

What Works: Sketchnoting engages students while building comprehension


Topics: Learning sciences, Sketchnoting

Laura Steinbrink works hard to engage her students.

So it distressed her when two bright students in her high school literature class in Plato, Missouri, copped bad attitudes about having to study The…


Students use mindfulness to improve executive functioning

Students who flex their executive-functioning muscles learn better


Topics: Learning sciences

For neuroscientist Dr. Philip Zelazo, a simple game like Simon Says or a few deep breaths can go a long way in helping children develop the skills they need to learn.

Zelazo, a researcher at the…


Students practice different note-taking strategies

3 note-taking strategies to improve comprehension


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences

“Try a version of this idea?” asked Ann Blythe, a seventh grade science teacher and a colleague of mine.

She had discovered the…


A student raises his hand in class.

Level up learning with retrieval practice


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences

Even without directly observing your classroom, I can guess that you use a version of retrieval practice with your students. Every educator does. Retrieval practice is essentially remembering information we…


An educator tried sketchnoting.

Mythology and the magic of dual coding


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences, Sketchnoting

In the fast-paced field of education and educational technology, sometimes it feels like if we don’t keep up with the pack on the latest strategies and technologies, we’ll get left so far behind that we might…


Two students study a flow chart to learn computational thinking

Using research-based strategies to help students master computational thinking


Topics: Computational Thinking, ISTE Standards for Computer Science Educators, Learning sciences

When learning new knowledge, it is critical for students to connect new concepts with previous learning and experiences and then be able to transfer it in multiple and creative ways. It is, therefore, essential…


Teachers collaborating at a professional learning session.

Embed the learning sciences into professional learning


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences, professional learning

Have you ever been to a professional learning (PL) session and loved the ideas presented but left thinking, “There is already too much on my plate. How am I ever going to implement this?” As educators we…


girl with a laptop

Redefining my classroom with retrieval practice using Quizizz


Topics: Course of Mind, Learning sciences, Retrieval practice

Last week, I paused before entering my eighth grade honors earth and environmental science classroom and watched a flurry of activity. Sensing that the class was ready to go, a student — unprompted —…