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a woman and her son play a game on a tablet

Don't Ban Technology; Help Kids Strive for Balance


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Balance, Parent engagement

We seem to be living in an all-or-nothing, black-and-white world without any acknowledgment that there can be a middle ground. Our attitudes toward technology and our children are hardening into these types of fixed mindsets.

Figuring out how to integrate technology into our lives is not…


Should schools monitor students' ' social media posts? Yes

Should schools monitor students' social media posts? Yes


Topics: 1:1, Advocacy, BYOD, Digital Citizenship, Education leadership, Learning spaces, Mobile learning, Parent engagement

To allow students to set their own norms in a social world without modeling or guidance is to condemn them to a virtual Lord of the Flies situation, then cry out in frustration when they end up making bad choices. The adult members of the school community have a responsibility to…