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A mother helps her son with homework on an iPad

Help Parents With 3 Common School Tech Challenges


Topics: Parents

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an increase of technology not only in schools, but in homes.

According to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics,…


Two parents help a daughter with homework on a laptop in the kitchen

How To Empower — Not Scare! — Parents About Technology


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship, Parents

It’s a very stressful experience to have an audience member stand up, say you’re wrong and walk out in the middle of your presentation. Fortunately, that’s only happened to me once, but when…


A student demonstrates technology to a parent.

3 strategies for engaging parents about using tech for learning


Topics: Parents, Social media

When parents are informed about how educators are using technology for meaningful learning, they are more likely to become passionate advocates for school technology. Here are three creative ways  beyond…


An educator talks to a parent about the benefits of technology

How to talk to parents about learning with technology


Topics: Inclusion, Parents

There’s a lot of guidance out there on how to talk to parents about student privacy, the home-school connection and acceptable use policies. And it’s valuable information. But what if you shared a new story…


A mother talks to her son as he uses a digital tablet

6 Ways Parents Can Foster Good Technology Habits


Topics: digital balance, Parents

Many parents feel like they are in the dark when it comes to technology and sometimes choose to turn a blind eye to the interactions of our kids online. But just like with driving a car or eating a healthy diet, we need to be there to coach and guide our kids through this world.

Here are…