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A girl looks through a microscope

Measuring what matters


Topics: Assessment, Personalized Learning

New approaches measure learning that lies outside of traditional assessment

As educators pursue more personalized, student-driven and inquiry-based approaches to learning, one obstacle that continues…


Learning First, Technology Second in Practice

Topics: Assessment, Curriculum, Personalized Learning, Tools

New Strategies, Research and Tools for Student Success

Product code: EEENEW

ISBN: 9781564848383

Expected publication date: 05/2020

Topics: Tools, Standards, Curriculum, Professional learning

Length: 250 pages



Topics: Personalized Learning, professional learning, Standards

Infusing Art Into Your STEM Curriculum

Product code: STEAMN

ISBN: 9781564848215

Expected publication date: 03/2020

Topics: STEM & STEAM, Robotics, Makerspaces, Augmented reality, Standards, Coding & robotics



Power Up Your Classroom

Topics: Assistive and adaptive technologies, Personalized Learning, Project-based learning, Standards

Reimagine Learning Through Gameplay

Product code: GAMLRN

ISBN: 9781564847980

Published: 2019

Expected publication date: 06/2019

Topics: Gamification, Gaming

Length: 136 pages


Chart a New Course

Topics: Digital storytelling, Literacies, Personalized Learning, Tools

A Guide to Teaching Essential Skills for Tomorrow’s World

Product code: EXPLOR

ISBN: 9781564848291

Published: 2020

Topics: STEM & STEAM, Tools, Augmented reality, Digital citizenship, Digital storytelling, Personalized learning…


3 unexpected ways tech can humanize learning

3 unexpected ways tech can humanize learning


Topics: Personalized Learning

My biggest goal as a teacher is to make every one of my students know how important they are and how invested I am in their learning and well-being. I want students to enjoy learning and to walk out of my classroom with a new level of confidence.

Technology allows me…


A teacher helps a student.

There's more to digital equity than devices and bandwidth


Topics: 1:1, Assistive and adaptive technologies, Augmented reality, BYOD, Computational Thinking, Curriculum, Education leadership, Gamification, Gaming, Makerspaces, Mobile learning, Personalized Learning, professional learning, Project-based learning, Robotics, STEM & STEAM, Technology infrastructure, Tools

The past decade has seen a narrowing of the digital divide when it comes to two things: the number of devices in classrooms and the Wi-Fi that transforms these devices into powerful learning tools.

But it’s premature to say the digital playing field has been leveled.…


Customize learning with Google Forms

Customize learning with Google Forms


Topics: Advocacy, Assessment, Corporate innovation, Education leadership, Personalized Learning, professional learning, Standards

We know that students do not all learn the same way. Some need a great deal of repetition to learn new material while others can see it once and have it down. Some need absolute quiet to learn while others feel uncomfortable with too much stillness. One might prefer reading while another…


3 ways to personalize the learning experience

3 ways to personalize the learning experience


Topics: Personalized Learning

Eric Sheninger believes student agency is one of the most powerful aspects of learning that can be aided by technology. But getting there, and setting the stage for the consistent, effective use of technology, requires a pedagogical shift.

“What we need to do is prepare…


Using data in the classroom to personalize learning

Using data in the classroom to personalize learning


Topics: Personalized Learning

Just over five years ago, I set out to use the most current best practices to reinvent my classroom. I was part of a cohort of teachers from four school districts in Delaware involved in the…