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a teacher sits at a desk in a classroom smiling at her phone as she interacts with her PLN

Expand Your Educator PLN Beyond Twitter


Topics: Social media

Professional learning networks, or PLN’s, aim to bring together practitioners with a common goal. In education, this can mean keeping student and staff information secure, applying best practices when using…


a teachers looks at her phone smiling while holding a cup of coffee

4 Steps for Engaging in a Community of Practice Using Twitter


Topics: Communities of practice, Social media

I don't know about you, but social media helps me stay current with events in my town, the actions of political organizations, my friends' life events and the status of my favorite nonprofits. The…


A student demonstrates technology to a parent.

3 strategies for engaging parents about using tech for learning


Topics: Parents, Social media

When parents are informed about how educators are using technology for meaningful learning, they are more likely to become passionate advocates for school technology. Here are three creative ways  beyond…


Laurel and her mom Nicole Carter

Teen helps create social media lessons


Topics: Digital Citizenship, Social media

When Laurel, a 12-year-old from North Carolina, bumped into the CEO of The Social Institute – an organization devoted to helping kids navigate social media – the sixth-grader just wanted to thank her for her…


Three elementary school boys huddled around a laptop

Teaching Fact Vs. Fiction When Seeing Is No Longer Believing


Topics: Digital & media literacy, Fake news, Social media

When it comes to media literacy and our collective inability to tell fact from fiction online, there’s a lot of finger-pointing going on.

Take, for example, the widely shared…


WHAT WORKS: Kids saving the world from digital villainy

WHAT WORKS: Kids saving the world from digital villainy


Topics: Digital Citizenship, Social media

Mexican superhero Chapulin Colorado may not have the gravitas of his fellow caped crusaders, but he takes copyright law very seriously.

An expert at blending into the shadows, Batman has a thing or two to say about online privacy.

Armed with X-ray vision, Superman uses his power…


A teenager showing an elderly woman how to use a computer

9 Ways Real Students Use Social Media for Good


Topics: Digital Citizenship, Social media

Think nothing good can come from encouraging students to use social media? Consider what these former students from Minarets and Design Science high schools in Central California are doing. I asked these students how they use social media as an academic tool and how that shaped both their high…