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Carl Hooker

Carl Hooker: Taking Risks for Student-Driven Learning


Topics: student-centered learning

Some know him as the author of six ISTE books. Others may have attended one of his conference presentations or perhaps know him as a blogger, education consultant or the host of ISTE’s Learning Unleashed…


A girl is wearing headphones while using a desktop computer

3 Ways to Accelerate Student-Driven Learning


Topics: Personalized Learning, student-centered learning

Ask Michele Eaton how to accelerate student-driven learning and she will likely mention blended learning, student autonomy and engagement.

Eaton, the director of Warren Online Academy in Indianapolis,…


Nikki D. Robertson

Empowering students to be masters of their own learning


Topics: Libraries, student-centered learning

During my first stint as an elementary school librarian in the mid-1990s, I stumbled upon the magic of learning centers. Centers, which allow students to choose from a variety of learning activities, empower…


A high schools student tends a hydroponic growing system

Food computer is catalyst for growth at innovation lab


Topics: student-centered learning

At Andover High School in Andover, Massachusetts, students’ work on a computer-controlled hydroponic growing system earned a gold medal at an international tech competition in China.

It was a high honor…