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An educator and three students work on a robotics project in a classroom

Educators Share New Ideas They're Trying Out


Topics: Tools, devices & apps

As many educators around the world embark on a new school year, there seems to be a feeling of hopefulness and eagerness in the air.

Quarantines and pandemic restrictions have, for the most part, been…


a teacher at her desk looking at a laptop research tools

3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing a New Edtech Tool


Topics: Tools, devices & apps

In a technology ecosystem where thousands of products are clamoring for attention, choosing the right tool for your school or classroom can be tricky. Sifting through the marketing claims to find software that…


Two girls listen to content on a shared iPad

Bridge the Learning Gap With Nanolearning


Topics: Tools, devices & apps

Many educators like myself are feeling the pressures of teaching like never before. One reason is that the pandemic brought a number of new challenges to education, one of which is the learning gap that widened…


a girl works on a laptop on the floor of her home

Familiar Tools Offer New Tricks for K-12 Educators


Topics: Tools, devices & apps

When the question is about making online learning engaging, Leslie Fisher has a lot of ideas. As a student, school was just something to get through. When she went to college, she discovered the joys of…


two students use AV equipment

How AV impacts classrooms


Topics: Tools, devices & apps

The Innovator Solutions section includes contributions from corporate sponsors and advertisers representing education organizations, businesses, policy-making bodies and other influencers dedicated to transforming education. This blog post was provided by Audinate.



Parent and teenager select appropriate video game

How to choose digital apps, games and services


Topics: Procurement, Tools, devices & apps

Teachers understand how critical it is to use quality curricula in the classroom, and they know it’s important to help students select books that match their needs and interests.

But students today are…


a teacher helps student program a robot

Is Technology a Gimmick in Your Classroom?


Topics: Tools, devices & apps

I am guilty of using technology to trick students. When I began teaching in 1996, I decided to turn one of my traditional lectures into a PowerPoint. My ninth graders were captivated by the words scrolling across the screen, the little animated cavemen and the fun slide transitions.