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Want to connect with other innovative educators? All ISTE members have exclusive access to 20+ ISTE Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) that bring together educators from around the world with shared interests and job roles.

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Make the most of your membership by participating in one or more of our topic-focused professional learning networks.

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Members use PLNs as a place to:

> Ask questions.

> Find out what works.

> Share successes and failures.

> Move forward together as educators.

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Members consistently rank these hotbeds of peer-driven professional learning as one of the top benefits they’ve gained from ISTE membership.


Each of these diverse PLNs is led by committed educator leaders who really are edu-rockstars! They’re the special sauce in ISTE’s incredibly powerful PLN network, and they contribute hundreds of hours to sharing practical guidance and accelerating good practice, advancing the field of edtech as they do so.

More about ISTE PLNs

ISTE PLNs are managed by ISTE members who volunteer to make sure each PLN is a welcoming space for all educators. There are more than 200 of these volunteers who do everything from arranging meetups at the ISTE Conference & Expo to presenting webinars to offering book studies for their PLNs. To help lead a PLN, learn more about our volunteer opportunities. Whether you’re looking to expand your skills or your network, ISTE PLNs can help.

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“The value of joining a PLN is that you meet people with the same interests as you or who work in an area of education that’s very similar to yours, so you can collaborate. You build community and connections across the nation and internationally. It’s a chance to really make a home within ISTE that’s very personal to you.”
— Mia Kim Williams, ISTE Teacher Education Network