Preparing a new generation of educators for success


Today all educators must to be able to use technology to empower students of every age and grade level. Educators can create authentic, real-world learning experiences that engage students in ways not possible without technology. Even the role of the educator is changing as they shift to facilitators of learning.

Programs that prepare teachers can help build these future educators’ technology skills to ensure success in digital age classrooms. ISTE supports preservice and advanced degree programs in preparing a new generation of teachers for digital learning through our Higher Education Recognition Program.


Your higher ed program deserves ISTE recognition!


The ISTE Recognition for Higher Education Program recognizes preservice or advanced degree programs that provide high-quality learning opportunities for educators aligned to the ISTE Standards for Educators. This program includes:

  • Alignment review conducted by ISTE Standards experts, along with a full alignment report.
  • Optional consulting services for faculty teams from ISTE Standards experts.
  • Recognition from ISTE.
  • The opportunity to pursue becoming a higher education ISTE Certification provider.
Current recognized programs

The following higher ed programs have been recognized for their alignment to the ISTE Standards for Educators:

American College of Education Master of Education in Educational Technology


American College of Education offers an online master’s degree program in Educational Technology. The curriculum includes exploration and evaluation of digital tools, development of pedagogical skills, and design of instructional strategies to support learning through technology, including blended learning techniques.

Central Michigan University Master of Arts in Learning, Design and Technology


Central Michigan University’s Master of Arts in Learning, Design and Technology is the first higher education program to achieve 100% alignment with the ISTE Standards for Educators through the ISTE Higher Education Certification Provider program. The goal of this master’s program is to provide candidates opportunities to create robust, productive and creative uses of technologies that will engage their own learners in robust, interactive experiences. Candidates learn to integrate technology in a variety of instructional settings, both face-to-face and virtual, including PK-12, higher education, business and other training settings.

Fairfield University Educational Technology Program

Fairfield University logo.jpg

Fairfield University’s Educational Technology program has achieved curricular alignment with all 24 indicators of the ISTE Standards for Educators through the ISTE Higher Education Certification Provider program. Through either an online or a hybrid program, candidates can earn one of two master’s degrees (a Master of Arts in Educational Technology and a Master of Arts in Educational Technology for Cross-Endorsement with School Library Media Specialist), as well as a post-master’s degree certificate in Educational Technology. The program’s mission is to deliver relevant courses designed for sound pedagogy and aligned with national standards to create competitive leaders in education.