Eduscape is a social innovation company dedicated to developing and implementing effective solutions to challenging and systemic issues that elevate the educational experience for all learners. Our team is comprised of experienced and passionate educators who have implemented blended, interactive and personalized learning environments in their classroom. We have facilitated workshops for hundreds of thousands of learners empowering them to transform classrooms into engaging, learner-centered environments. We have a collective belief that simply learning the tools is not enough to transform learning with technology. School leaders must invest in developing a culture and shifting mindsets towards nurturing classrooms where the teacher becomes an active participant in the learning process and feels comfortable in a new paradigm of instructional design. The Eduscape Team takes a purpose-driven approach to making this a collaborative and seamless experience for every learner.


  • Marcie Hebert, Director of STEM Education, Eduscape

  • Erin Sailor, Director of Professional Development, Eduscape

  • Jon-Erik Stamatelos, Senior Learning Leader, Eduscape

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