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ISTE Consulting Services
ISTE has received global recognition for our efforts to improve learning and teaching through the effective uses of technology. Our expert team of staff, volunteers and ed tech industry leaders gives us the ability to offer a host of consulting services to assist you in meeting the needs of students and teachers in the digital age.
Consulting options

Mobile Learning Support Services

The future of digital age learning is achieved through the effective use of mobile technology. Students are mobile, and they’re smartphone users. As these devices become more prevalent, the role they play in education will be transformative.

How do you mobilize digital learning in your district? Stakeholder support is key. A successful mobile learning initiative begins with creating a powerful team to realize the vision — and that begins with identifying the elements that are essential to your mobile learning initiative.

Equipping yourself with an evaluation plan at the outset is smart planning! ISTE’s mobile learning support services will assist school leaders and key education stakeholders with developing the essential conditions necessary to leverage mobile technology for learning.

Academic goals are primary to your technology initiative. What role can technology play in better realizing these goals? ISTE services can help you develop a clear vision, model strong leadership, provide ongoing professional learning, garner stakeholder support and define measurable goals.

What doors could mobile learning open for your students? We invite you to find out!

ISTE Standards Readiness

This workshop helps school administrators reflect on the essential conditions to identify critical barriers and determine how to implement leadership strategies to support change on the scale necessary to achieve systemic transformation.
Member Sheryl Abshire

ISTE's Cyber Café – A Professional Learning Network

ISTE's Cyber Café is an ISTE Standards-focused, facilitated professional learning network for lead teachers and administrators. Through the café virtual experience, participants can work collaboratively on issues critical to their schools or districts and engage in topics that are relevant to the classroom and/or professional arenas. At the end of each café experience, participants produce educational artifacts (webinars, curricula, etc.) that they can use and share in a variety of learning environments. We have developed all cafés with the ISTE Standards as a backdrop so participants can make connections between their work and the digital age skills their students need.

Classroom Observation

ISTE's Research and Evaluation team developed the ISTE Classroom Observation Tool (ICOT) to measure the effective integration of technology in the classroom. ICOT is a free tool that districts can use to support ISTE Standards integration in teachers' instructional practices.

Essential Conditions Readiness Survey

ISTE's essential conditions identify factors that educational administrators must consider as they plan for and make decisions regarding the physical, human and financial policies related to implementation of technology-based learning opportunities and environments.
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If you are interested in learning more about ISTE's consulting services, please contact:

Yolanda Ramos, Director of Professional Development Services
1.541.681.3802 (U.S. & Canada)
1.541.302.3777 (International)