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Journal for Computing Teachers

The Journal for Computing Teachers (JCT; formerly known as the Journal for Computer Science Educators or JCSE) is published by ISTE's Special Interest Group for Computing Teachers (SIGCT). JCT supports and enhances the mission of SIGCT, which includes teaching about computing in grades K-12. The full mission statement appears on the SIGCT homepage. Toward that end, we provide information to our membership and others interested in computing through JCT.

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Issue: Winter 2014

SSN - 1943-9725


Dr. Lucianne Brown
Director, Teaching with Primary Sources Program of the Library of Congress  
Governors State University
College of Education, Instructional Technology
University Park, IL 60484

Notes from the Editor

Lucianne Brown, JCT Editor

Welcome to the 11th online issue of ISTE’s Special Interest Group for Computing Teachers (SIGCT)’s Journal for Computing Teachers (JCT). SIGCT advances the practice of teaching computing and computer science in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education to meet needs for all students as well as those wishing to study some aspect of the discipline in more depth.

In this Winter 2014 issue, we offer five articles covering an array of topics of interest to teachers and other professionals invested in employing technology in their classrooms and computer professions.  

Deniz Deryakulu and Sadegül Akbaba-Altun provide information from their research-based study titled “Classroom Management in Middle School Computer Labs: The Turkish Experience.” They offer suggestions in computer lab design and best practices in curriculum design preparation that will contribute to improved classroom management.   

In “A Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Computing Principles in the Context of Modeling and Simulations,” Osman Yasar uses a mixed-methods approach that presents emerging trends with the triangulation of survey results from a college-level course that focused on the teaching of computational thinking skills. 

Cliff Zintgraff’s “Cyber City USA: Computational Thinking and San Antonio’s Regional Approach to Programs, Pedagogy, and Education Industry Pathways” demonstrates the “connections between principles of computational thinking and cyber security education.” 

Katie Lewis provides a literature review in “Preservice Teachers’ Experience with Technology throughout their Teacher Preparation Program” that exemplifies the importance of preservice teachers prior knowledge and the willingness to explore and use different forms of technology to support learning in classrooms. 

Finally,  in “WebPACK: Future Teachers’ Plans and Practices with Emerging Tools,” Ugur Kale, Cheng-Hsien Wu, and Christopher Clausell examine the preservice teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) with a deeper dive into the implementation level of their specific grade and subject matter. 

The Journal for Computing Teachers is indebted to its editorial review board for lending their volunteer expertise in the blind peer-review process. Please contact JCT if you are interested in being on the board or want more information about it. Email the editor at 

I would like to thank all of the authors for sharing their professional knowledge and making the Winter 2014 edition possible. 

JCT invites papers and other materials for possible online publication. Email material directly to Editor Lucianne Brown ( If you have any questions, want to discuss a possible submission, or have some ideas for the journal, please contact Dr. Brown directly. 

JCT thanks SIGCT for its continued sponsorship and promotion of this online journal. If you would like to become involved as a SIGCT volunteer, please contact the president, Dr. Veronica McGowan, at 
We hope you enjoy reading the Winter 2014 issue of the Journal for Computing Teachers. 


Lucianne Brown
Journal of Computing Teachers 

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Editorial Review Board

John P. Anchan, Ph.D., University of Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada)
Sarbani Banerjee, Ph.D., Buffalo State University (NY)
William J. Gibbs, Ph.D., Duquesne University (PA)
Ruth Guo, Ph.D., Buffalo State University (NY)
Dan Jones, Ph.D., Governors State University (IL)
Samuel King, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvannia (PA)
Shijuan “Laurel” Liu, Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, (PA)
Ross A. Perkins, Ph.D., Boise State University (ID)
Steve Rainwater, EdD, The University of Texas at Tyler (TX)
T. Ramayah, M.B.A., Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang, Malaysia)
Kathleen Roberts, Ph.D., University of Phoenix (AZ)
Hakan Tüzü, Ph.D., Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey)
Yu-mei Wang, Ph.D., Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (OR)