ISTE support for tech developers

ISTE and its community of educators are the ultimate incubator for edtech products.

We understand the unique challenges of the edtech landscape because we bump up against them every day. And that’s why we’re committed to helping edtech product developers increase the quality, credibility and visibility of their products.

Count on ISTE’s innovative members to provide relevant insights and meaningful data points for product development.

Gain educator feedback

You’ve got a product, now you need practitioner input. ISTE connects product creators with teachers and administrators who can provide feedback and valuable insights via virtual focus groups and insight sessions.



Get Expert Guidance

ISTE’s co-development services connect you with standards experts who consult with your team during the development or refinement process and make practice driven recommendations that will improve your offering and support alignment to ISTE Standards.



ISTE Seal of Alignment

Your product is real. Now it’s time to garner the recognition it deserves with the ISTE Seal of Alignment. Products that earn the seal enjoy increased visibility and credibility as a high-quality product that meets the definitive standards for digital age learning.



Go Big!

Engage with ISTE’s edtech-savvy community by becoming a sponsor at an ISTE event or participating as a year-round sponsor. We’ve got all sorts of ways to showcase your edtech product or solution.

We’re inventors, too!

Like you, ISTE has an entrepreneurial spirit. We’re constantly iterating and piloting, and we’ve got some new products of our own coming soon. We’d love to keep you in the loop.