PLEASE NOTE: After a thorough evaluation of the Edtech Advisor platform, we have made the decision to sunset the program as of July 2021. While the Edtech Advisor will no longer be available in its current form, similar functionality and content is offered on LearnPlatform. For access, visit, click the “Forgot Password” link and enter the email address you use to access ISTE Edtech Advisor. You’ll be prompted to reset your password.

Edtech intelligence at your fingertips!

ISTE Edtech Advisor is a member-only review and rating platform that gives educators insight on tools, apps and resources to help inform decision-making. Edtech Advisor curates and identifies new digital resources and tools for learning based on their alignment to the ISTE Standards and the experiences of educators.

ISTE members can access Edtech Advisor to rate and review edtech tools, research options that are being considered for use in any classroom, school or district, and make informed decisions about the tech being used with students.

Edtech Advisor provides educators with:

  • A single location to share and learn about product experiences with other ISTE members.
  • Tools to support informed decision-making on new products and apps.
  • Real classroom/teacher experiences that provide a more complete picture of a product’s potential.
  • Insight on a product’s alignment to the Project Unicorn pledge of improved data interoperability and Student Privacy Pledge.

Evaluating and recommending tools is an application of the ISTE Standards for Educators 2.c: “Model for colleagues the identification, experimentation, evaluation, curation and adoption of new digital resources and tools for learning.” 


Edtech members:

Edtech developers:

   I trust the ISTE community, so it’s nice to be able to ask that community what products they use when I want to improve how I teach a particular topic.   

— Karen Polstra, Computer Science Teacher

   This is a great resource for finding products that have been vetted by fellow ISTE members.    

— Chris Johnson, Director and Assistant Professor of EdTech

   A great resource to read peer reviews by current users of digital content.    

— Neal Dickstein, Assistant Superintendent

   This is a way to build a case about a product that is on my wish list.
It can affirm my choices and might help me to speed up the process of acquiring new products

— Dawn Bothwell, Library Media Specialist