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ISTELive21 Presentations

10 Mobile Tools to Support Blended Learning in Your K-12 Setting

Presenters: Christina Nording and Kendre Perry

Meet educators from K-12 classrooms to discuss a variety of digital resources you can use in your classroom now to enhance your student’s blended-learning experience. You'll explore various digital resources available to support your learners as well as strategies to successfully implement them.

Creating Your "Tech Sandwich"

Presenter: Tricia Louis

Building a delicious sandwich is an art — we all have our favorite ingredients. Explore how to create your own “tech sandwich” — what apps are “gotta-have,” adding/changing up how you use those apps and how to be brave to add new apps as well.

Designing the Learning Spaces We Need TODAY!

Presenters: Kristin Harringon, Dr. Chris Johnson, Tara Schneider, Mel Varga

While digital innovations are already taking place in schools, the intentional design of learning spaces is often overlooked. Engage with us for a hands-on session as we utilize the learning sciences to design instructional spaces, and leave with blueprints for the redesign in your own school or district!

Evaluate the Tech - Help to Make Wise Choices

Presenters: Stephanie Howell, Angie Raquepaw, Brian Seymour, Scott Sommer

How do you make the decision of what technology tools to purchase? Have you ever regretted purchasing something that did not work? Pickerington Schools (2018 ISTE Distinguished District) has created a robust vetting and evaluation process that it will share (for free) that has been tested over the past four years.

Integrating Computational Thinking Into Lesson Design and Delivery

Presenter: Tara Linney

Computational thinking is an approach to problem-solving that uses the terms "decomposition," "pattern recognition," "abstraction" and "algorithm design." Imagine the impact we could have on our students if we infused these concepts into our lessons!

Literacy for Young Learners: Parallel Development of Literacies (ages 4-6 years)

Presenter: Gail Lovely

Technology — specifically precoding, coding and computational thinking — fits directly with growing more traditional literacy (listening, speaking, reading, writing, etc.) in young children. This session will provide examples, ideas and experiences to help participants think more deeply about the role digital literacy can play in growing traditional literacy with young learners.

Reaction to Real Action - Ideas for Creating Engaging Online Learning Activities

Presenters: Dr. Jennifer Courduff, Dr. Samantha Fecich, Dr. Peter Hessling, Dr. Jean Kiekel, Dr. Susan Poyo, Dr. Shelly Vohra

Educators have been thrust into the world of online teaching and learning, experiencing challenges they have never faced before. These teacher education experts will showcase evidence-based teaching strategies, tips and tools to design inclusive, accessible and engaging learning experiences that are applicable in online and face-to-face classrooms.

Strengthen Your STEAM Power Game

Presenter: Tim Needles

Learn five ways to empower students as they develop skills essential for the future. Explore versatile ideas and digital tools for helping students to navigate in the digital world while building the vital SEL and communication skills they need.

Unleashing the Power of UDL: Top Digital Tools for the Inclusive Classroom

Presenters: Dr. Peña Bedesem, Chip Cash, Dr. Jennifer Courduff, Dr. Peter Hessling, Dr. Jean Kiekel, Dr. Dennis McElroy, Rachelle Dene Poth

Universal Design for Learning is a powerful approach to personalized learning for all students. But how do we know what tools are the most useful? In this interactive session, explore the top digital tools for the inclusive classroom, then engage in practical dialogue around easy implementation options.

What Leaders at Great Schools Do Better: Tech and Inspiring One's Team

Presenter: Rushton Hurley

Great leaders foster inspiring experiences, build dedicated professionals, and engage in regular storytelling, and tech can strengthen all these efforts. Join in as we look at how current technologies can revamp how district, campus, department and grade-level leaders build a better professional environment for everyone.

Why Digital Equity Matters Now!

Presenters: Patricia Brown, Keri Hennesy-Wilson, Matthew Hiefield, Carla Jefferson, Valerie Lewis

As we reimagine and further define digital equity, there's an increasing need for professional learning opportunities on this critical topic.
We'll lead a discussion about the multiple dimensions of digital equity, with the goal of determining actionable steps for K-12 campuses.

ISTE20 Live Presentations

Preparing the Next Generation of STEM Professionals

Presenters: Nicol Howard, Keith Howard

The purpose of this research was to examine the differential impacts of high school students taking computer application courses as opposed to computer programming and AP computer science courses on the selection of STEM majors.

Project Based STEAM on a Budget

Presenter: Tim Needles

Learn four engaging, cost-effective STEAM projects in this fun, creative workshop. We'll cover STEAM fundamentals and use free resources to create augmented reality, coding, digital drawing and film. The projects are ready for any learning environment and stem from ISTE’s "STEAM Power: Infusing Art Into Your STEM Curriculum."

Songwriter and Creator: Empower Students to Create Art and Music

Presenters: Rebecca Hare, Bill Selak

Students need to interpret and understand new content more deeply. By creating original music and art in minutes without picking up an instrument or a paint brush, learn how students can create original scores and art to explain challenging concepts and to represent a specific work of art or literature.

Make Your Posts More Inclusive: 5 Easy Tips for Accessible Social Media

Presenter: Mindy Johnson

As education professionals, social media is part of our lives, for better or worse. But for our followers with disabilities, social media can feel like a party they weren’t invited to. You have the power to make your posts more accessible for your followers, and you can start right now.


ISTE19 Presentations

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Full Mainstage Presentations

Sunday Mainstage Presentation

Presenters: Pedro Rivera, Cheyenne Batista, Mike Walsh

Watch the ISTE19 kick-off Mainstage Session featuring Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera; Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, futurist and author of The Algorithmic Leader, Futuretainment and The Dictionary of Dangerous Ideas; and Cheyenne E. Batista, founder and CEO of Firefly Worldwide Inc., a global education consulting firm that supports leaders in the education, nonprofit, government and corporate sectors.

Tuesday Mainstage Presentation

Presenters: Richard Culatta, Alicia Duell, Sharif El-Mekki, Amal Giknis, Phil Hansen

Get in on all the excitement from the Tuesday ISTE19 Mainstage Session featuring Phil Hansen, an internationally recognized multimedia artist, speaker, author and innovator who works at the intersection of traditional art, electronic media, offbeat materials and interactive experiences; Sharif El-Mekki, a former principal, founder of The Fellowship – Black Male Educators for Social Justice and the director of The Center for Black Educator Development; ISTE CEO Richard Culatta; Alicia Duell, director of technology and information services at Wheeling CCSD21 in Chicago; and Amal Giknis, a teacher at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, along with a student panel.

Wednesday Mainstage Presentation

Presenters: Michael Bonner, Mark Coppin, Mandy Manning, Sady Paulson,

Watch all the excitement from the Wednesday ISTE19 Mainstage Session featuring Mandy Manning, 2018 National Teacher of the Year; inspiring educator and author Michael Bonner; Sady Paulson, a film director, editor and presenter who has cerebral palsy; and Mark Coppin an educator who introduced Sady to assistive technology.

Mainstage Presentations by Speaker

Sunday Mainstage Presentation: Pedro Rivera

Pedro Rivera, Pennsylvania's secretary of education, welcomes attendees to ISTE19 in this Sunday Mainstage Presentation. Rivera offers an overview of STEM education in Pennsylvania and highlights the state's investment in computer science education to meet the demands of a changing workforce.

Sunday Mainstage Presentation: Cheyenne Batista

Cheyenne Batista, founder of a global education consulting firm and former New York City educator, talks about facing inequity in her own life to offer a perspective on what schools, educators and students must to do disrupt the status quo and achieve equity. In this Sunday Mainstage Presentation at ISTE19, Batista recalls how lessons from her father — prepare, perform, be fearless, stay your course; you have a voice, it will be heard — created a foundation that allowed her to succeed in a world that underestimated her.

Sunday Mainstage Presentation: Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh — author, consultant and self-described futurist — has been on the forefront of helping businesses thrive in these times of disruptive technological change. In this Sunday Mainstage Presentation at ISTE19, Walsh describes how artificial intelligence and algorithms are transforming the world, and the role educators will play in preparing future leaders. Walsh says the current era of revolutionary change requires us to think in completely new ways while maintaining our distinctly human values.

Tuesday Mainstage Presentation: Richard Culatta

Five-G networks and artificial intelligence are already driving big changes in the way we live. In this Tuesday Mainstage Presentation at ISTE19, ISTE CEO Richard Culatta paints a vivid picture of what this new technology will bring and the need for educators to give students the skills they need to succeed in this new world.

Tuesday Mainstage Presentation: Alicia Duell

Alicia Duell knows firsthand about failure -- she was fired from her dream job. It left her feeling shame and embarassment and questioning her self-worth. But instead of wallowing in that low place, Duell embraced the failure as something we all have in common. In this Tuesday Mainstage Presentation at ISTE19, Duell talks about the importance of sharing our failures and teaching students how it can be a powerful positive force in our lives.

Tuesday Mainstage Presentation: Sharif El-Mekki

Entrenched mindsets keep systems of inequality in place in schools, and making change requires a fundamental shift in how we think about education and technology. In this Tuesday Mainstage Presentation at ISTE19, Sharif El-Mekki, co-founder of The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice, calls for using innovation to help communities overcome the inequities that people of color face.

Tuesday Mainstage Presentation: Amal Giknis

In this Tuesday Mainstage Presentation at ISTE19, Amal Giknis, English teacher and co-host of the ISTE podcast Your Edtech Questions, talks with a panel of four students about how they determine the credibility of information on the Internet and social media. Expect a lot of healthy skepticism.

Tuesday Mainstage Presentation: Phil Hansen

Artist Phil Hansen wants us to think inside the box. As an artist, Hansen has been repeatedly pushed forward by limitations. "We need to first be limited in order to become limitless," he says in this Tuesday Mainstage Presentation at ISTE19. Limitations force us to get creative. Working with what you have, he says, is one of the best ways to get out of ruts, rethink categories and challenge norms.

Wednesday Mainstage Presentation: Michael Bonner

For Michael Bonner, an elementary school teacher from North Carolina, education is not keeping up with the times. The achievement gap has changed little since 1970. Institutional inequality still exists as evidenced by a justice systems that treats the wealthy differently from the poor and an economic system than rewards men more than women. But teachers have the power to make a difference by showing students how to use technology to amplify their voices to work for change, Bonner says in this Mainstage Presentation at ISTE19. Teachers need to remember, Bonner says, it's not about them, it's about their legacy.

Wednesday Mainstage Presentation: Sady Paulson & Mark Coppin

Sady Paulson and Mark Coppin offer a case study of what assistive technology can do in this ISTE19 Mainstage Presentation. Coppin, an assistive technology professional from North Dakota, introduced Paulson to assistive video technology that ignited Paulson's creative and professional fires. Paulson, who has cerebal palsy, went on to get a degree in cinematography and launch a career in film directing and editing.

Wednesday Mainstage Presentation: Mandy Manning

Mandy Manning, the 2018 National Teacher of the Year, says that even as technology has created new connections among people, we are more isolated than ever. Social media has created an echo chamber that limits our experience, she says. The result is a degraded community. Technology, however, also has the power to connect people in meaningful ways. Teachers, Manning says in this Mainstage Presentation at ISTE19, must use technology to forge connections for students with their community and the world "to help us move forward together as citizens of one world."

Multi-speaker Presentations

Global Student Voice Film Festival

Presenters: Colin Beyersdorf, Ian Brock, Rosemary Heckard, Jaydah Henry-Phillips, Mason Holtcamp, Jordan Lopez, Aleena Marya Patel, Rose Rezac

Watch to view the winning films from the Global Student Voice Film Fest, hosted by ISTE18's keynote student panelists. The featured student-created short films respond to the theme "Activating Change."

ISTE 1-in-3 Sessions - Round 1 Tuesday

Presenters: Cristina Chonka, Rebecca Gratz, Jessica Herring, Julie Kuzma, Dr. William Lacefield, Prerna Mannan, Matt Marino, Michael Mohammad, Kristin Mulder, Jackie Patanio, Robert Ruff, Silvia Scuracchio, Lindsey Seynhaeve, Andrew Wheelock, Sam Wils, Charles Wood, Kim Woodruff

Watch as 1-in-3 Session presenters share their best technology integration moment in just three minutes.

ISTE 1-in-3 Sessions - Round 2 Wednesday

Presenters: Dr. Amy Ackerman, Dr. Michael Bloemsma, wesley chun, Lauren Daigle, Anna Davila, Michelle Dunphy, Andrew Easton, Mary Beth Hertz, Brian Huang, Elizabeth King, Mike Lawrence, Leandro Lima, Judy Nguyen, Dr. Sara Sweetman, Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Andrew Wheelock, Dr. Emily Ziegler

Watch as 1-in-3 Session presenters share their best technology integration moment in just three minutes. 


ISTE Bytes Sunday

Presenters: Abby Almerido, Steven Anderson, Lindsey Blass, J Collins, Sylvia Duckworth, Michele Eaton, Sue Floro, Dr. Jill Gildea, Erick Hanson, Rhett Hughes, Rushton Hurley, Kim LeClaire, Chris Lehmann, Britt Miller, Anne Mirtschin, Vanessa Monterosa, Nancy Penchev, Melissa-Ann Pero, Amy Sacks, Jamie Saponaro, Kenneth Shelton, Cate Tolnai, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman

Watch this ISTE Bytes session for a rundown of presentations from the ISTE19 program. These two-minute presentations feature snapshots of exciting conference sessions.

ISTE Bytes Monday

Presenters: Danielle Abernethy, Desiree Alexander, Caitlin Bowen, Jeff Bradbury, Barbara Bray, Josh Caldwell, Eric Curts, Jaime Donally, Annabel Dotzman, Nefertiti Dukes, Jennifer Garcia, David Gaudet, Lisa Highfill, Kristina Holzweiss, Hannah Lakin, Heather Lamb, Kim LeClaire, Tara Linney, Eamon Marchant, Andi McNair, Matt Miller, Ben Newsome, Christian Padgett, Eric Siler, Samantha Smith, Vicki Treadway, Chris Turnbull, Roger Wagner, Dr. Leigh Zeitz

Watch this ISTE Bytes session for a rundown of presentations from the ISTE19 program. These two-minute presentations feature snapshots of exciting conference sessions.

ISTE Bytes Tuesday

Presenters: Chris Aviles, Lindsey Blass, Suzie Boss, Angela Burgess, Chip Cash, Dr. Alice Christie,   Richard Colosi, Cindy Crannell, Eric Curts, Rich Dixon, Molly Farrow, Hadley Ferguson, Kyle Hamstra, Rebecca Hare, Phil Hintz, Cathy Hunt, Douglas Kiang, Kim LeClaire,   Brandon Lutz, Kathryn Nieves, Jessica Pray, Stephanie Russell, Alejandra Tavera Vargas, Wanda Terral, Dr. Cynthia Vavasseur

Watch this ISTE Bytes session for a rundown of presentations from the ISTE19 program. These two-minute presentations feature snapshots of exciting conference sessions.


ISTE Student Ignites

Presenters: Sidharth Anantha, Barbara Bray, Jennifer Casa-Todd, Jaime Chanter, Dr. Virginia Duncan, Tammy Glass, Sarah Jagels, Aaron Khunger, Melinda Kolk, Douglas Konopelko, Alex Kovach, Brandon Lutz, Erik Petrik, Patricia Smeyers, Dr. Henry Turner

This ISTE19 Ignite session features stories from educators and students. Presenters have just five minutes and 20 slides to share their passions in a continuous rapid-fire presentation. 

ISTE Educator Ignites

Presenters: Karen Alexander, Dr. Dennis Best, Josh Bound, Todd Flory, Manuel Herrera, Kammas Kersch, Brandon Lutz, Dr. Katie Martin, Jenna Mercury, Bill Selak, Dr. Micah Shippee, Emily Silverman

This ISTE19 Ignite session features stories from inspiring educators. Presenters have just five minutes and 20 slides to share their passions in a continuous rapid-fire presentation. 

ISTE Student Film Festival Tuesday

In this ISTE19 recorded session, ISTE honors future filmmakers with a special showing of student films. These films were collected from various film competitions and highlight outstanding student work.


ISTE Student Film Festival Monday

In this ISTE19 recorded session, ISTE honors future filmmakers with a special showing of student films. These films were collected from various film competitions and highlight outstanding student work.

ISTE Young Educators Ignite

Presenters: Tzu Yu Chu, Erin D'Elia, Alicia Discepola, Keri Gritt, Jullia Suhyoung Lim, Brandon Lutz, Alefiya Master, Kathryn Nieves, Noora Fatima Noushad, Adrianne Rose, WEH-HSIN TSAI

This ISTE19 Ignite session features the stories of young educators. Presenters have just five minutes and 20 slides to share their passions in a continuous rapid-fire presentation. 

TED Masterclass Showcase Monday

Presenters: Cathleen Beachboard, Jena Cooper, Ashley Kolaya, Jessica Levine, Dr. Michael McVey, Stephanie Ng, Lucio Padilla Jr, Jason Patience, Logan Smalley

The TED Masterclass Showcase features inspiring, high-energy talks by educators from the TED Masterclass, a special course to help educators share their stories and amplify their voices.


TED Masterclass Showcase Tuesday

Presenters: Dr. Casey Cohen, Dr. Julie Delello, Ashley Kolaya, Stephanie Ng, Jason Patience, Tisha Richmond, Ming Shelby, Logan Smalley, Josh Stock

This TED Masterclass Showcase features inspiring, high-energy talks from educators who particiated in TED Masterclass, a special course to help educators share their stories and amplify their voices.

TED Masterclass Showcase Wednesday

Presenters: Sean Arnold, Leslie Fagin, Ashley Kolaya, Aspen Meineke, Mary Montag, Stephanie Ng, Jason Patience, Dr. Reshan Richards, Logan Smalley

This TED Masterclass Showcase features inspiring, high-energy talks from educators who particiated in TED Masterclass, a special course to help educators share their stories and amplify their voices.

Interactive Lectures

20 Ways to Begin Taming the Wild Text for Digital Readers

Presenters: Dr. Monica Burns

How are you balancing digital and print reading experiences for students? From traditional print reading to paperless explorations of text, this fast-paced ISTE19 session covers strategies and favorite tools for readers readers of all ages.

Authentic Connections Through Technology

Presenters: Mandy Manning

Student learning is dependent on connections educators make with them and the connections students make with one another. Watch to find out how technology can be used to broaden perspectives, challenge perceptions and build relationships, helping students foster foster authentic connections within the classroom and across the globe.

Build an Edtech PD Program On a Tight Budget

Presenters: Josh Harris, Kelly Martin

Teachers need professional development to update their practices and meet the needs of today's students. Watch to find out how to one program trained teachers in effective edtech integration without dedicated personnel.


By Design

Presenters: Michael Bonner

In this session, ISTE19 featured voice Michael Bonner discussess three research-based attributes every educator should consider to be successful in the 21st century. The goal: ensuring that all students have positive learning experiences!

Designing for Imagination: Creative Computing in the K–12 Classroom

Presenters: Dr. Karen Brennan, Alexandra Kutler, Laura Peters

Learning to program can be exciting, engaging and empowering. In this ISTE19 session, members of the Creative Computing Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education explore how K–12 teachers have designed beautiful and powerful computer science learning experiences for their classrooms.

Digital Equity Strategies for Teachers and Teacher Educators

Presenters: Susan Bearden, Dr. Nicol Howard, Dr. Betina Hseih, Regina Shaffer, Dr. Sarah-Jane Thomas, Sarah Thomas

This ISTE19 session covers how digital equity can be achieved on campuses and in professional development by exploring the challenges and solutions facing preservice and in-service educators. The presenters provide helpful examples and recommendations for leaders and educators on moving toward digital equity in K-12 and teacher education.


Leaping Into Learning Lab

Presenters: Elizabeth Blake

Learn how to turn your library into a flexible, exciting learning hub. LearningLab shares ISTE Standards-aligned lesson ideas using DigitalBreakouts, DesignThinking, PearDeck, BookCreator, CoSpaces, GreenScreen, AR/VR and more!

Maverick Leadership

Presenters: Mike Lawrence, Dr. Laura Spencer

Discover how to inspire the maverick in all educators by giving them tools and techniques to move even the most reticent educational institutions forward to benefit all students. After viewing, you'll have immediately applicable ways to transform the culture of your campus to provide students with the best opportunities for success.

Step Into the AR Metaverse

Presenters: Christina Zientek

Watch to find out how students can leverage computational thinking to learn key content. Discover how Metaverse promotes storyboarding, design thinking and problem-solving skills as students learn to create engaging interactive augmented or virtual reality games, all while displaying their content mastery.

Panel Presentations

Conscientious Creativity: Where Creation and Copyright Intersect

Presenters: Dr. Monica Burns, Kerry Gallagher, Kristina Ishmael, Lynn Kleinmeyer

Student creation is perhaps the best form of assessment because it allows students to share their thinking and express themselves in a personal way. Watch this session to explore the intersection of creation and copyright, and discover what educators should know to ensure students are meeting copyright requirements.

Creating Technology-Rich Learning Environments and School Culture - The ISTE Way!

Presenters: Kim Bennett, Kerri Connor, Connie Garrison, Elizabeth Huffaker

In this recorded ISTE19 session, a school team shares experiences from their ISTE Certification journey. Along the way, they offer practical and useful information you can use immediately to enhance teaching and learning, as well as tips and tools for changing your school's culture to support adoption of the ISTE Standards.

Everyone Can Sketchnote: Panel Discussion of Entry Points, Aha's and Next Steps

Presenters: Nichole Carter, Michael Cohen, Sylvia Duckworth, Ann Kozma, Beth Matusiewicz, Valeria Rodriguez, Wanda Terral, Cate Tolnai

Sketchnoting supports learning in many ways, and it's fun! In this session, a panel of edusketchers discuss the sketchnoting movement and provide tips on how to bring sketchnoting to your school.


The Triple Track Approach to Personalizing Professional Learning With the ISTE Standards

Presenters: Dominic Caguioa, Allison Jonas, Sophia Mendoza, MARIA TOLEDO

Watch this ISTE19 panel presentation to learn how to implement the ISTE Standards thanks to firsthand accounts from district leaders from the nation's second largest school district.

Three Perspectives on Active and Innovative Learning Spaces: A Discussion of Usability

Presenters: Dr. Dikran Kassabian, Dr. Christian Penny, Jhalil Rivera, Dr. Jordan Schugar

Amidst a variety of progressive changes in education, the typical brick-and-mortar classroom hasn't changed in decades. If we're serious about enhancing learning, we must rethink classroom spaces. Watch this session to hear a data-driven conversation on teacher preparation, flexible furniture, infrastructure and school politics.

When Students Take on the System

Presenters: Rhonda Ford, Nelson Luna, Taylor McGraw, Sophie Mode, Sokhnadiarra Ndiaye, Toby Paperno, Whitney Stephenson

Watch to hear the the story of two high school students from Harlem who wondered why there weren't any white students in their school. Their exploration led them to found Teens Take Charge, a youth-led movement that's challenging the status quo in New York City schools.


Augmented Reality 2020: The Latest, the Greatest and Replicable Classroom Success Stories

Presenters: Dr. Maureen Yoder

This fast-paced, lighthearted overview of augmented reality (AR) will amaze and inspire you. Watch to get a category guide, an overview of promising new apps, constructivist curriculum examples and easy-to-use aura creation tools. Go beyond the wow factor and see the potential AR has for enhancing teaching and promoting learning.

Human Skills for Digital Natives

Presenters: Manoush Zomorodi

Explore the changing digital landscape with ISTE19 featured voice Manoush Zomorodi. The author of Bored and Brilliant, co-founder of Stable Genius Productions and host of the podcast "Note to Self," Zomorodi explores our relationship with technology, what it means and how it affects our humanity.

Leading From the Library in the Digital Age

Presenters: Bill Bass, Shannon Miller

In this ISTE19 session, a librarian and an education leader team up to reflect on the librarian’s ability to build connections within the local community and throughout the world to impact the overall school community. You'll discover the unique ability librarians have to make a difference throughout the community.


Project-Based Learning and Makerspaces Across the Curriculum

Presenters: Nicholas Provenzano

The maker movement is spreading nationwide, but many educators think makerspaces are just for STEM projects. Watch to find out how to integrate project-based learning from all content areas into makerspaces to support student learning.

VR is Visceral: Ready Player One-To-World

Presenters: Steve Dembo, Caitlin Krause

Virtual reality (VR) has reached a watershed moment. Watch to experience how VR learning generates new understandings based on an experiences that are impossible to replicate in real life. You'll discover how VR ed design can invite new approaches to identity, empathy and social interactions, while driving future-forward learning.